Help:IMG_2040Those bifold doors are going!!!! In their place will go a single normal size door and some drywall. We’re going to replace that window too, but I’d appreciate your thoughts. Leave the window where it is, move the window over, or put in a sliding door. The table has no other place to go and the window is centered on the outside wall. Spew thoughts now.

We’re back to begging God for rain. Instead of green wheat starting to grow, a lot of it just looks dead.

Quite a few farmers around here now have brighter shops thanks to Brad installing high bay T5’s. He’s rushing to get all his major electrical projects done so he can do what he moved here to do, farm. He got all of this conduit underground today .


Small Town Nebraska:
We escaped from the daily grind and went to the REALLY BIG city. It never fails that when you leave for the big city with an empty car, you come back with it packed with everything you found to buy and even then still feel like you need to shop more. That’s how I feel, and I’m not that big of a shopper!



12 thoughts on “Thoughts?

  1. i say … move the window over. or i like the sliding door, but I’m just wondering how that works with your table traffic. ? Or it being on a north side? maybe it would be just fine. that’s my spewing.


    • I wondered the same thing about table traffic. What would be the impact of the north side? Since I barely know my directions, I really don’t know the impact of them. 🙂


  2. I vote for sliding glass door! Then sometime down the road, you could build a deck off of that and have a great outdoor eating space!


  3. The trouble with a sliding door is, every time you open it, the wind will suck all the heat or cold out of your house. Of course I guess that’s true of every sliding door. My daughter has one and same thing. Pull the table out just a ways from the window and you can get past it and use the doors pretty easily. Also, I have no idea. Have you asked a carpenter? They often have really interesting, different, creative solutions.


  4. I know, get the sliding doors and add on one of those sunrooms you hear advertised on the radio all the time. Then put the kitchen table all the way out there. (You are welcome, I enjoy spending other people’s money) 🙂


    • That is the perfect idea! I’m told we can’t add on that way because of the way the roof is, but maybe those sunrooms just have a flat roof and it wouldn’t matter. I’m going to suggest that and see what kind of a look I get.


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