Nebraska Saturday Phone Dump

Please excuse the lack of a post last week. I won’t make a habit of that. It was just a cluttered week. This week it’s all about a couple of April Saturdays in Nebraska.

A week ago Saturday we went to Lincoln to take in the “Spring Game.” We went early to see if we could get Ameer Abdullah’s autograph. Way too many people had that same idea, so a disappointed Wyatt had to settle for just standing near him and looking.

Ameer AbdullahWe joined the over 77,000 to watch a football practice and worked really hard to not pull the plug out of the kid in front of us. (I probably haven’t told you this before, but I can be really good at being critical of others. I only just worry about my glaring issues you’re thinking about. Just tell me to my face. I can deal.)IMG_2075Brad wanted to check out the highest seats in the house. He’s in this picture. Take my word for it. Nebraska Spring GameThis most recent Saturday was adventure on this side of the state.

I saw this.

Cattle DriveThen later that day we drove west on the interstate and saw this.

April HailI promise you, that is NOT snow. It’s hail!


P.S. We had over an inch of rain! Hallelujah!


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