One More

It’s been a rainy week! We are rejoicing! It can continue for as long as it would like because when it stops raining out here it takes it too long to start again. Rain this time of year is an extra treat because it gives Brad a break/us a break. I was beginning to remember why I resented this occupation when I moved here with a 1 year old and newborn. Those little people get to see their dads so little when it’s this busy and don’t understand what is going on. We’re just glad to see him when we can.

This rain gave Brad time to go buy a “new” truck. This one is 581,000 miles into its life, but that’s so much better than the other one with 1.5 million. That beast was shutting off randomly, which is just slightly scary when you’re pulling a sprayer and whatever else down a main highway. So now we have one more vehicle. I’m not even going to start counting how many that makes.

What I’m Thinking & Learning:
My mom picks up the Bible Study Fellowship Home Training Lessons for us. In 8th lesson from The Life of Moses they said this weighty statement:

“Ask God to keep you as sensitive to your own behavior as you are to your child’s.”

Recommendations: Henry Hodges Needs a FriendHenry Hodges Needs a Friend is a cute children’s book about a little boy who feels like he needs a friend. I like the lines on the front cover flap,

“So you’re pretty special, and that’s guaranteed. Maybe you’re the new friend that somebody needs!” 

The story focuses more on a pet being a friend when you don’t have friends near. I was hoping it would focus more on being a friend when you don’t feel like you have one. The last page does encourage that some while tying the book altogether nicely. Pet loving people will like this book. The story is written with great rhyme and rhythm and kid friendly illustrations. Children will laugh at some of the silly ideas that Henry imagines, like maybe getting a goldfish with antlers. The author of this book, Andy Andrews, is actually the author of three New York Times bestsellers. I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program and the opinions are all my own.

Family:  Brad captured this on Sunday.


2 thoughts on “One More

  1. Love the quote about watching your own behavior as much as you do your child’s….so good! Love your pictures and your sharing your journey – ran across a pic of you and your mom and dad at our house at a “sing” as I’ve been going through old photo albums – sweet memories. Love you kiddo! 🙂 PS that baby is just a doll. 🙂


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