Brad can finally check planting off his spring list of jobs, just 30 days later than he wanted!  Less than thirty minutes after he texted me that, it started raining…again. Now he just hopes he can get in a 16 hour day of spraying.

My Family:
Summer life is in full swing. About half of our June evenings will be enjoyed watching some adorable T-ball players. They have big plans to “hit it out of the park” this year.

They also decided to start selling stamps, and I don’t even have to give them real or pretend money when I buy them. They add up how much I owe them, I tell them how much money I’m giving them, and they tell me what I get for change. A summer math review, and it was all their idea! Here’s to hoping they have good ideas and read their “haet” out all summer.



cookie loveI received a free copy of Cookie Love by Mindy Segal thanks to Blogging for Books. Cookie Love does have a recipe for Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies, but it’s not your typical cookie cookbook. This would be the cookbook for you if you want to venture out into baking cookies beyond your typical drop cookies and brownies. It has chapters on Shortbreads, Egg White Cookies, and Rugelach + Kolachkes, plus chapters on things you would expect in a cookie cookbook. You get artistic pictures of most of the recipes, and they all look delicious. A few recipes have ingredients that I would have to do some major hunting to find out here in western Nebraska, but you can guess which ones by the name of the cookie usually (e.g., Goat Butter Shortbread, Folgers Crystals with Sour Cream Gianduja). Most of the recipes have ingredients you probably have in your kitchen as long as you’re okay with substituting the salt you have in your kitchen for sea salt flakes. The directions for how to make the treats are very thorough and descriptive. I actually see myself making some of these sweet treats, hopefully the Chocolate Toffee Biscotti before the weekend is over.

Speaking of cookies, take a look at this food art. I will never be able to make food look so good; but I like seeing how other people do it, especially if they’re in Nebraska.


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