Hello July

July Corn in Different Stages Farming:
Some corn actually might be knee high this 4th of July because of the wet spring, but it is quickly growing. In the above picture you can see Brad’s pivot (the tallest corn in the back) and a corner of his dry land. Corn is actually growing in the middle of the dryland. It was just too wet to plant there when the rest was planted, so it got planted even later.

Pivots are running or will be once they’re fixed enough to work correctly. IMG_9226 Brad is still spraying like a crazy man. He came home one day this week in the middle of the week. Little Liza was SO EXCITED!IMG_9179She wakes up asking for “Da Da” and walks to the back door saying “Da Da?” anytime it opens. It was just a cruel tease. He found more to spray. I’m considering if I should try and sell that machine, but maybe that’s the headache from earlier in the week speaking.

Small Town Nebraska:
He did make it to all our T-ball games. Elliana got to have him as an assistant coach.

IMG_9229 The following tell you a lot about small town Nebraska
-All the girls on your T-Ball team go to your school.
-You’ll play with the same girls on your next ball team.
-You have your dad and aunt as coaches.
-You have a cousin on your team.
-You have 5 girls on your team who have younger brothers on your brother’s T-Ball team.

IMG_9249This one is the best: When you are out of milk for your one year old and the grocery store is closed, there is a kind person that will unlock it for you and let you buy your milk after the T-ball game!

House Update:

How many differences can you find?

IMG_9183I just love that picture!


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