Fair Time

Two posts in one week since I skipped out on you last week! Our county fair was this week, and we decided to take a new step in supporting the fair by entering things into it. IMG_2359As 4-H Clover Kids you can only get participation ribbons. Elliana entered a grain collage and Wyatt entered a snack mix he made and they both entered pictures they colored. I think it was obvious on the crafts that their parents did not assist.

My chocolate chip cookies got a purple and that sunflower got a blue. That was the only sunflower entered and there was only one other set of chocolate chip cookies. I’m going to start telling whoever will listen to enter things into the fair. I see it as a positive community event to support.

In open class, Wyatt entered a LEGO fork lift he built and got a purple. We think it helped that when he turned it in it dropped and broke, and he put it back together in front of the judge.

I’m just telling you all this because my mom and sister asked.

In the floral division, I entered this gorgeous sunflower because everyone needs a chance to see God’s creation when it looks like this. It got a purple. How could it not? Soon you may see a lot of sunflower pictures because we have a lot of pretty ones!gorgeous sunflowerAs far as the other fair events we took in, I spent so many words on explaining what we took to the fair, I’ll just show you the most interesting pictures and give them some captions.


3 thoughts on “Fair Time

  1. My curiosity has gotten the best of me – wondering why in the world the sheep have blankets on – it has been so hot – that seems somewhat counterproductive! I’ve never seen a purple sunflower like that – looking forward to your pictures! 🙂


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