Niobrara River

We took in the northern part of Nebraska this week by camping and tubing along the lovely Niobrara. Niobrara Camping Niobrara RiverThe tallest waterfall in Nebraska, Smith Falls, is very cold and very close to the river.Smith FallsFloating down the river is very scenic and relaxing. Brad and I even saw a bald eagle. Even though I don’t know if I slept 4 hours in that thing called a tent, I sure hope we do it all again next year.

I got some good reading done while driving to and from there, so be ready for a book report next week.

Did you know a western Nebraska farming family is featured in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History?

Brad bought a different corn header. He said it’s to make my life better during corn harvest. He got a good deal but is having to put some time and parts into it.

new chain (?) installednew header chain

fuzzy picture of old chain
old header chainThanks for reading,


Yellow sunflower


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