Losing Control

I thought I was going to lose it this morning. I OFTEN think I’m going to lose it.
kid dresserEverywhere I go in my house I see something I haven’t done.

Who makes their bed?

Who makes their bed?

Something I need to do.




If you give them a table or counter, they will put their stuff on it.

Some things I bet I’ve walked by over 100 times.

I see them and think, “Why can’t you get your act together?”IMG_0025

of “WHEN am I going to get that done?”

Quit growing out of clothes already!

Quit growing out of clothes already!

Not to mention the things that I don’t walk by everyday, like poor Liza’s baby book or blogging (I’m writing so I can get this ‘to do’ off my mental nag list and it’s something I can do while watching the Huskers.) or making granola or sending that package… I must stop listing it all. I’m starting to stress.

Here’s proof that God’s lovingkindness reaches to the heavens. I didn’t lose it today. I was reminded of the good we’ve been accomplishing.

Tomato season. Raspberry season. Liza loves raspberry picking/eating!

Quality time with friends and relatives in Texas.

Meeting new friends. Investing in current friends. Skiing!

Playing. Reading to my kids. Starting school. Teaching.


I’m so tempted to hunker down until I don’t have piles of things in my house that make me think I’m failing and just need to sleep less. I’m seriously tempted to never travel anywhere again and to never have anyone over to our humble abode. I’m afraid that I will always be a person with messes all over my house. At the same time, God is nudging me to remember that He needs to be in control of me. That if He wants me to go somewhere or invest my time in people instead of piles, then that is what I need to do.

Perhaps my messy piles are the result of Him giving me to the grace to do something that matters more.

God, may I accomplish each day what You want me to accomplish and could You help me to get all my messes cleaned up and to not determine my value by their existence or lack thereof.


Now back to folding.


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