Kid Books

I have to apologize. I had the perfect opportunity to get a picture of a combine with it’s augers laying on the ground and a pile of corn underneath it (That’s a bad day at work!), and I didn’t pause to get the picture. I’ll try to make it up to you somehow.

Things are on the verge of extra hectic again in the farming world. It’s the time of year where wheat drilling and harvesting of wet corn for feed lots collide. Brad’s about done with what he needs to drill and will start hauling corn for harvest next week. It’s harvest season until all the corn is cut.

I almost thought Brad actually read my blog last Saturday. On Sunday, he just started unpacking suitcases and trying to help me figure out where our bedroom floor went. Whoop! Thank you for praying. 🙂

Kid Books:

Stupendous VacationI am reading Biff and Becka’s Studpendous Vacation by Elaine Beachy to Elliana and Wyatt. They ask for me to read it and seem to really like it and pay attention well. It might help that listening to me read is the step before going to bed or and we’re reading an electronic book. An iPad makes a lot of things more interesting.

The book is about a family of rabbits who have to have a staycation instead of a vacation because they had to do what they could afford. The author does some cute things with the rabbits, like they ate a barbecued mushroom sub, but most of the time my mind just thinks of them as human children. Beachy puts in quality and educational information into her story. She addresses bullying, sneaks in some history and science facts, and adds solid Biblical content.

“Sin blackens everyone’s lives, and no matter how hard we try to clean ourselves up and snip out the black parts and try to do better, we can never be truly clean by trying to be perfect. The only way for God to count us as perfect is for our sins to be washed away by putting our faith in Jesus. He took God’s punishment for our sins on Himself…” (chapter 5, page 85-86 on my electronic copy)

I’m not overly impressed with the plot as it mainly talks about what they did on their vacation. The rise and fall of the conflict is a very small hill. The last few chapters are more exciting than the first half of the book. We haven’t read a lot of chapter books yet, so maybe that’s true of a lot of children’s literature. It does have discussion questions at the end, which are good for starting some meaningful conversations with your kids. My children are glad that I was able to get this book for free from BookLook Bloggers so I could review it for you.

I look forward to reading more chapter books to my school aged kids. We were given Honey for a Child’s Heart, which is a fabulous resource that suggests quality books to read to your kids. I will use it to find our next book to read, but I’d still love to hear what books you’ve enjoyed reading to your kids.

Jesus Calling

BookLook Bloggers also sent me a copy of Jesus Calling for Little Ones by Sarah Young. We have the sturdy, 26 page boardbook, but you can also get it as an ebook. This could be a great book to use if you’re wanting to start some sort of devotion routine with your toddler. It’s not a storybook. Just like the adult Jesus Calling, it has a theme for each day/page with a verse and narrative where Jesus tells you about himself. The book for little ones only has three to four sentences for each day but good truths for little people to begin to learn. I would suggest prefacing each reading with “Jesus says,”

“I care about everything that happens to you. Do not worry. I will take care of you.”

Don’t forget it!

Thanks for reading,



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