Farming:corn header maintainenceThis morning I helped Brad finish getting the header ready for the field.

grease holeI stood on the header and watched carefully to announce that I saw grease move in the hole, while Brad squeezed grease in from below. We repeated this eight different times.

greasing a headerHe worked up a sweat. I tried to stay warm and not miss the moment I could announce, “It moved!” corn headerThis thing was short on grease. Brad squeezed a whole tube of grease into one spot. The kids played in the shop while Brad worked and I watched. Liza only once felt a little lonely.
IMG_0044I bet Brad will drive the combine to the field this week.

What I’m Thinking and Learning:
Carrot FlowerI recently read a post about how pollinators love blooming carrots. I hadn’t even realized that carrots bloom before reading that. Duh! Well I must have not picked some carrots that were ready to be picked, and all of a sudden I had blooming carrots in my garden! They’re beautiful! It’s the white flowers in the picture. The pink are zinnias, and they’re a new favorite too.

I read these words this week and thought they were exactly what I needed

Psalm 131:2 
Surely I have composed and quieted my soul…



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