Giving Tuesday – Congratulations Mom!

Nurses and moms are two kinds of people who could give some serious lessons on giving. My mom serves both of those roles and is exceptional at both. Her credentials should read RN, MSN, CDE, MOM. She taught her children well about fruits and vegetables, the value of peroxide, and passed on her love for tweezing out splinters. She has also shown us again and again how to care for others.

If you were ever determined to be “gestational” when you were pregnant, I hope you had her or someone like her to teach you all you needed to know about carbs and blood sugar. Just a few weeks ago she talked about how she helped put an insulin pump on a two year old (and it actually went well)! Can you imagine putting an insulin pump on someone this size?!

IMG_0084No thank you! In that instance you’re not just caring for your patient, you’re taking care of a scared mom and dad too. That’s just one of thousands of cases where she has given well through being a nurse.

Today she is retiring.

IMG_0091Oh Stink! Now I’ve just made myself cry because I can’t be there to help her celebrate. She is very deserving of a serious retirement celebration. Please help me thank her for being a true asset to her profession and patients. I’m know she will be missed!

However, I know she’ll keep on giving. I still think I need my mom, and now her credentials have grown to include G’MA. She’s a fabulous one of those too!

Love you Mom! Congratulations on many, many, many jobs and charts done well!


12 thoughts on “Giving Tuesday – Congratulations Mom!

  1. Congratulations to you, Julie’s mom!! What a tribute. There are so many moms who deserve to be lauded for their tireless work and unconditional love. Julie, I didn’t realize you favored that much. 🙂 Both beautiful women.


    • Your comment made me think “we need a day to honor mothers.” Then I quickly realized that’s probably why someone came up with Mother’s Day! Ha! Maybe what I really thought was that we need a day for mother’s EVERY month. Your children are certainly blessed to have you!


  2. I’ll add my congratulations as well Janet – you are one very special lady! SO neat when your kids “rise up and call you blessed”. 🙂 Wonderful words Julie! I know your mom is so proud of you too!! (as am I) Love to you both!!!


  3. Congrats Janet! I really enjoyed working with you at St Luke’s ER/OPD. You were always so helpful, kind and patient. Enjoy your retirement with trips and grandkids!

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    • Thank you for the kind word. Isn’t it amazing to think of our time in ER. I am very thankful our paths crossed. My best wishes to you too


  4. Hi Julie. Great and well deserved tribute. Please add big sister to the list of titles. Janet was really good at that position too. Byron


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