Choosing Jesus

What I’m Thinking and Learning:
My heart resonates with Blythe at Mundane Faithfulness when she says she feels exhausted when she looks back at 2015. When I went to write a note on our Christmas card, all I could initially think of to way was we WORKED and we worked HARD. It’s way too easy to forget the bright moments amidst it all, and we had many, but in the end I look at end of the year I think my proverbial bucket must have a continual leak.

Can I blame it on having a year with a one year old? And the shortage of speech-language pathologists in western Nebraska? How about mental and physical pain? And a husband who is a self-employed farmer, electrician, sprayer, trucker…? And too much to do? And just wishing someone knew my bucket was leaking and would come and patch it up? Maybe I should just blame in on being tired. I should for sure blame it on incorrect thinking.

You’re thinking you’ve read this before? I may be a broken record. Certainly a work in progress. My heart has been challenged again to quit believing the lie that an accomplished “to do” list will satisfy. Honestly, I have a hard time trusting that Jesus will satisfy when I look at the coming year and wonder if it will feel as exhausting as this one, but Jesus says to not worry about tomorrow and that sounds like rest, which I need.

I have actually found great encouragement from 2 Kings 6-7. It shows how God has the power to make you go from starving to completely satisfied over night. I’m thankful when things seem hard and even when I wonder if God is going to help me out, at least I have someone much greater than my weary self to ask for help. He has the power to change my circumstances and/or my heart.

So this year I’m resolving to choose Jesus and to pray everyday that my heart will believe He is the only one who satisfies. If this resonates with you, read these four resolutions for the weary and broken hearted. 

When Brad’s sister was back for Christmas we got to see her pictures from her August wedding. The photographer got these adorable pictures of the children I’m blessed to have.

She also snapped this awesome picture of the five in-laws. It makes me laugh every time I look at it. 220

She took our family pictures not long after this. I’ll show you some of them soon.

Small Town Nebraska:
When the UPS man needs you to sign for a package and you’re not home, somehow he knows where you work and hunts you down there. Does that happen in urban America?

If you have an electrician working  at your house around Christmas, do you send him home with a bag full of candy and a lot of homemade fudge?

Russel Stover Candy

I’m sure glad my resolution doesn’t involve eating less chocolate.

Thanks for coming back even though I took a week off!



2 thoughts on “Choosing Jesus

  1. Prayers for a satisfying New Year. I’m so glad we have a God who never leaves us or forsakes us. He understands our frustrations and feelings of being overwhelmed. I pray we both grow to know and rest in Him more in 2016.


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