Hitch Hiking Chickens

Small Town Nebraska:
Do you see the 2 chickens under the semi trailer? I took this picture on December 10 when I dropped off Wyatt to Brad as he was filling up with fuel at the co-op. They just showed up at the co-op that day, and several days ago those chickens were still wondering around the co-op. Maybe they’re confused that it’s a co-op not a coop. 
wondering chickens chickens crossing the road
The week after I took this picture, Brad took his semi eight highway miles away to get worked on. Guess what the mechanics found had hitched a ride – a chicken, a very hungry chicken. Brad had no clue he’d had a passenger.

Where did these chickens come from? During harvest, one of the fields Brad was parked at had chickens running around. They had hitched a ride from their home to the field on another farmer’s truck. We’re assuming that three chickens thought Brad’s semi would make a nice roost and hopped on. I didn’t mention the co-op chickens to Brad when I saw them at the gas station, or he maybe would’ve checked for more. He didn’t realize he was housing chickens until the mechanic heard something funny, which was two weeks after he’d seen them at the field.

I haven’t looked closely at semi trailers, but apparently there’s a place where chickens can ride safely when the truck is going 60 miles an hour down the highway.

Farm Education:
Check out this cute Nebraska farming family.

infants advilI was sent a bottle of Infants’ Advil a long time ago for free in return for reviewing it here. I might be so late in reviewing it that they don’t even care if I do, but I feel obligated since they gave it to me for free. Infants’ Advil is for ages 6-23 months and it’s active ingredient is Ibuprofen. Liza hasn’t needed anything to help with a fever or pain for a long time, but now she has a cold and/or is getting her two year molars. She’s still 23 months, so pain relief to the rescue! I’m all about giving little people something to help them take a good nap when they’re feeling cruddy. She was happy to show for the camera how she happily took her medicine. It was the white grape flavor and smelled delicious. IMG_0120IMG_0119








I’d love to say that she took a super nap and woke up happy, but that would be a lie. My ibuprofen trick doesn’t always work when it comes to teething and naps. I chose to not let that make me unjoyful for the rest of the day.



2 thoughts on “Hitch Hiking Chickens

  1. I laughed about your chicken – Patty and Nathan found a chicken that had “hitched a ride” somehow ending up at Walmart. Patty caught it and they took it home – it laid eggs for them all fall till it got really cold. She has turned into a family pet and lives in a big box in their house when it’s cold but has a nice coop – she (the chicken, “Stella”) just doesn’t like to be in there – so they let her run loose most of the time – it’s hilarious and she seems to just LOVE the kids – follows them everywhere. we’ve had a lot of laughs about that “hitch-hiking” chicken. Also wanted to know if you know the “cute family”? 🙂 Have a great week!


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