Moving Cows

Small Town Nebraska:
cattle on the road
On the way home from Bible study, we happened upon a cattle drive! (We in that sentence equals me, Liza and my mom who was here visiting! Yippee!) I was so delighted to run into these cowboys because we weren’t in a hurry, and I needed something interesting to blog about this week. I want to tell you about what’s inside this building, metal buildingbut I have to wait to get more pictures to give you the full idea. cattle driveWe moseyed along behind and then one of the guys motioned for us to follow him. Here’s small town for you – I knew who he was. I’m not sure if I wanted him to see me or not since I don’t know protocol for coming upon a cattle drive. I hope we didn’t bother them by not turning around and going a different way. passing cattle on the road passing cows on the roadI tried to drive very carefully and not run into any of the cows. They were ornery little things, not full grown and still quite interested in checking out their surroundings.

I also saw mud this week.
melting snow mud That’s what happens when a lot of snow melts in February. I’m glad to live on a paved road.

Here’s a glimpse into our world.

While you’re thinking about YouTube videos, I introduced my big kids to Kid President (secretly for my own entertainment). His 20 Things to say more often is one of my favorites; and really, checking your own shirt for BBQ sauce before you tell someone about the BBQ sauce on their own shirt is really a biblical concept.

Since I mentioned Bible study, I’ll tell you what study I’m getting to go through with an awesome group of women – Priscilla Shirer’s The Armor of God. The Armor of GodI thought I knew about the armor of God, but I’ve learned many excellent new things in the first weeks of this study. Here’s one for you, “The cross didn’t just take something from you [eternal punishment]. It gave something miraculous to you [Jesus’ righteousness].” 


3 thoughts on “Moving Cows

  1. I got caught in a cattle drive recently, a neighbor moving his cows from one stalk field to another. I just stopped the car and shut it off and let the herd flow around me, then the neighbor and some helpers, two horses, two pick ups. They all waved and gave me a smile as they passed. I loved it. I thought, “This is something you can’t get anywhere but in the country.”

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