For The Love

Go check your daffodils and tulips. I just saw mine are poking through. It surprises me EVERY year how early they appear. How are they to know that it’s still February when it’s 70 degrees outside? Playing outside without a coat weather! IMG_0185

Books/What I’m Thinking and Learning:
I read my new favorite children’s book when visiting Juliet, It Will Be Okay, Trusting God Through Fear and Change by Lysa TerKeurst. I love how it helps the truth sink in and mean something that God is always with you even in the “dark, messy places” and even when we don’t know it. I’ve pretty much thought I should give it to every adult friend I have, but it really is suitable for children. I highly recommend it and I didn’t even get the book free for that review!
It will be okay TerKeurstI did get to read For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards by Jen Hatmaker for free so I could review it for you thanks to BookLook Bloggers. I also “loved” it. Hatmaker covers a lot of ground that she divides in to four different content areas: Your Very Own Self; All These People Who Live In Your House; Friends, Neighbors, Strangers, and Enemies; Church, Church People, Not-Church People, and God. She speaks a lot of encouragement, freedom, and refreshment for people in my stage of life. I highlighted a lot of things on her chapters about parenting.

“We want our future sons- and daughters-in-law to thank us, not require marriage counseling for their spouses’ Codependent Mommy Issues. (Dear Lord, keep my name out of the therapist’s office.)”

“We can confidently give Him our fear, our hopes and our kids.”

“Rather than simply enforce His rules, we should show our kids His kingdom. That’s where they’ll discover a Savior to fall in love with.”

She had great points about marriage too.

“Thousands of times during a life built together, you walk up to a moment and choose: I choose your happiness, your health, your well-being. I choose to build you up rather than strip away.”

It might be for your stage of life too because good points like these don’t just apply to moms with kids at home.

“Condemnation is a trick of the enemy, not the language of the heavens. Shame is not God’s tool, so if we are slaves to it, we’re way off the beaten path.” 

“What should our neighbors deduce from our loving-kindness toward one another? One, that we obviously belong to Jesus, because what other explanation exists for such beautiful community?…Two, that God loves people, because how can you explain such behavior?…God loves these folks well, which makes them crazy kind. How else can we understand this goodness? And could this possibly mean that God loves me too?”

Going back through and looking at what I highlighted makes me think I should read it all again. I know I would enjoy it the second time. It feels like listening to a friend share her heart. Between chapters with the meat of the content are hilarious chapters that will keep you smiling for days. Check it out and let me know what you think. for the love hatmaker

Why did I finally get a book read? We went on a road trip to visit my 92 year old grandparents, very sweet people who are still a blessing. Unfortunately, I let my eight year old take most of the pictures, so you can see how our time looked together by pictures like these: IMG_0011

Playing Count with Grandpa. I wonder how many times a day my kids see me looking at them like this?

Playing Count with Grandpa.
I wonder how many times a day my kids see me looking at them like this?

The couple I had a chance to take weren’t that much better. IMG_0040Liza hasn’t been the best traveler ever since she was born and you know how I feel about going places, but I asked people to pray for this trip because I was feeling so anxious about it. God answered. Liza traveled well, and I didn’t turn evil when overwhelmed with packing and unpacking!

Next week, I’ll show you pictures of what we saw when we went for a country drive with my grandpa. It’s pretty interesting in my opinion.


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