House Stuff

Home Improvements:
We’ve been waiting almost a year for someone to come back and work on a few projects at our house. This was THE week! Having to wait that long makes you complain much less about the mess it causes. These beautiful doors are now in the hands of someone who thinks they can repurpose them.
bifold doorsI was delighted to remove them from our property. It’s still a work in progress so no “after” picture yet.

Since we were having drywall work done, Brad saw that has the perfect excuse to take down our center kitchen light and put in can lights. He’d been wanting to for a long time, and I just kept telling him not to waste the time and money on it.
removed center kitchen light Sorry I don’t have a real “before” picture, but it made an amazing difference. It makes it look much more modern and bright even with our cupboards from the 70’s/80’s. can lights in kitchenSpeaking of the 80’s!

Speaking of houses, this is my great-great grandparents’ home that we got to check out when we visited my grandparents1900's home falling apart houseHas it ever occurred to you your house could be uninhabited and falling apart someday? IMG_9994 Do you think your great-great-great grandchildren will come stand on your back steps? They would hopefully be a legacy you could be proud of more than your house no matter what its condition is. IMG_9984The outhouse:1900's outhouseWe went inside the house a little but didn’t want to fall through the floor or be scared by a random rodent. The rocking horse in the entry was creepy enough. old rocking horseHow about the all natural crackle paint on that trim?IMG_9996After we were there my grandma told us there were a lot of secrets in that house. My great-great grandpa used to buy something whenever he went to town and then put it away in a room upstairs. Wish I would’ve gone to see what the upstairs looked like!

We also went to look at where my grandparents had their farm. I remember my grandma taking care of her chickens in this chicken house. It must be a sign that I need chickens.chicken houseThey augered their grain into the window at the top of this building. old grain buildingMy 92 year old grandpa remembers tinning the roof of that building with my cousin and noticed that some of the nails were starting to come out of it. Wish we could’ve jumped out and fixed it for him. IMG_9974Such a good reminder that our things will fall apart and we will fall apart. Let us hope in the God who doesn’t change, the One who even this fierce, spring, midwest wind obeys.


One thought on “House Stuff

  1. I loved this post, Julie. It appeals to my sentimental, history-loving soul, and I like the way you wove in a lesson on our ‘house of clay”.


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