Small Town Nebraska:
We enjoy other people’s animals. That might not be the case, if we had our own. We’ve been doing chores for a “neighbor” who was out of town this week. The kids LOVE it! They collect the eggs, feed the chickens and cats, and we just watch. I just let a chicken get out, but she eventually went back in for the food. Phew!  [Sorry about the shaky pictures!]
collecting eggsfeeding chickensMy sister-in-law’s ewes have all had their babies. She has 29 playful, happy lambs; and she knows about each one of them.
ewes and lambs It is impossible to not smile around all of them. Even the mama’s are overly friendly and come right up next to you. Sniffing your pockets must be their way of saying hello.
friendly sheepDid you ever think sheep could be a stress reliever? little lambs

Something I Learned: 
It’s time for my once a year kid craft idea. I skip pinterest and just look at the bulletin boards when I’m at work. This one caught my eye in a first grade class room, and if you want to make it educational you can talk about primary and secondary colors while doing it.

All you need is a paper plate (the kind without the glossy finish), corn syrup, 1 drop of red food coloring, 1 drop of blue food coloring, and 2 drops of yellow food coloring. corn syrup artPut some corn syrup in the middle of the plate and drip the food coloring on it. Then tilt the plate however you want. When you like your design, lay it flat for two weeks. easy kid craftIt makes this shiny, colorful design and takes less than 2 minutes. Even though she might be a little old for this craft, Elliana made three of them today. She probably just feels craft deprived at home.

If we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself.
2 Timothy 2:13


3 thoughts on “Sheep

  1. I have been brainstorming about how we could best utilize our empty barn and make (please, not LOSE) money. Pigs? Sheep? I am all ears for info about a niche market in this area. Which sister in law raises sheep? Amy? I am back home after seeing Em (FUN) and attending my aunt’s funeral (not so fun) all in one trip. Jonathan and boys drove home Tues and I flew into NP yesterday. I am enthused with this weather!!


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