Small Town Nebraska:
What kind of house do you picture having a view like this?
Incredible viewNot to mention a perfect view of those amazing Nebraska sunsets.Nebraska June sunsetThe house with those views looks like the following picture when you’re pulling off the road and thinking, “Am I at the right place?”metal building with house insideAnd like this when you pull around to the front door. shouse

In this shouse, the mud room and an office/guest room are on the first floor and the rest of the living space is what you might call lofted although it’s completely walled off over the shop.

Inside this sweet couple’s home, when you look out their east window, you get a clear view of the combine or whatever is in the shop/garage at the moment. (Please excuse the finger in the way.) No need to step out of the house to get your farmer when he’s working on his equipment. You can just holler from the window.
combine in garage Inside really is a modern, comfortable home, that I wish I had taken pictures of for you; but as you can see I took some of these pictures when we had snow, and I’m tired of waiting to post about this concept. Some call it a Barndominium, a Shouse (shop + house), and some other clever names that are escaping me. I think it’s a fascinating way to find a place to live for small families in this place where finding housing is quite challenging.


5 thoughts on “Shouse

    • It’s my friend’s house. Neat, isn’t it?
      I should’ve introduced myself to you this summer, but I wasn’t sure it was you at the time. We were washing our hands in the bathroom at LBC VBS at the same time. 🙂


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