Pivot Checking at Sunset

My Family/Farm Education:
Brad is pumping on fertilizer his corn with the water from the pivot so he needed to go check to make sure it was going on at the right rate. It seemed like a good Friday evening family outing. While Brad and the big kids walked to the pivot point, Liza and I stayed and played in the short end rows.

It was a beautiful, July evening that started with the sun behind the clouds until it popped out as it was setting. I’m sorry I don’t know how to best photograph a sunset.

Farm Education:
Let’s discuss some of the many hindrances to growing food.

1. Rabbits!
Elliana and I put a little fence around as many of these beans as we could after we saw this damage, but who knows if they’ll decide to get real jumpy and hop over it.
Beans vs rabbits2. Volunteer Corn
It doesn’t produce anything and just sucks up moisture from the ground.

volunteer corn3. Sprayer Error
In the distance of this picture you can see where the corner of dry land corn stopped and irrigated corn (taller) starts. You can also see that it looks like Brad is standing in a spot of very short corn.
IMG_0274Back in March he was working on his sprayer in that spot and cleaning it out. All he can figure is that the windshield washer fluid (I think he puts this in it for winter storage.) he was spraying through the machine sterilized the ground so seed couldn’t grow. sterilized groundThe two lanes of no corn are right under where nozzles of the sprayer were when he drove it forward a few yards. He’s just glad he didn’t figure this out on someone else’s field, that it’s not even a full acre, and that it’s not on irrigated ground.

4. Then you have my depressing tomatoes. 
If you could just tell me what is causing the leaves to be all curled up and what to do about it, that would save me the energy of trying to figure it out. I don’t think it’s a bug because Sevin dust didn’t help. sick tomato plant


10 thoughts on “Pivot Checking at Sunset

  1. Yikes! That almost looks like some kind of chemical issue on your maters. 😦 Do they all have it? I suppose it could be some kind of blight, but with the curling up … could someone nearby have sprayed and it accidentally drifted?


    • If that’s the case then I wouldn’t have to feel like it was my fault. All 3 of my Roma’s look like that. I have 2 other varieties that don’t look quite as bad but they’re not very pretty.


  2. I feel your pain on the rabbits. My newest son-in-law got rid of one for me, but yes my rows look uneven like yours in the pic. What kind of tomatoes are those? Because I have a couple plants doing that but I think they are both heirloom varieties; Kaitlyn says she had the same scenario last year.


  3. Julie, I’d agree that it does look like herbicide injury on your tomatoes…like 2,4-D or dicamba drift as it has affected the growth of them. Sometimes they will grow out of it and sometimes they won’t. Are you seeing any flowers? For now try deep watering of an inch at a setting once or twice a week depending on your soil type.


  4. Is your garden in your new spot? I feel bad that I’m asking that, and that I haven’t popped over to see it! 😦 But perhaps there is something residual in your soil where your tomatoes are. It really looks to me like it’s had something hit it – when I showed August the picture he said, somebody sprayed that tomato with dandelion spray! 🙂 Anyhoo, it really doesn’t look like blight to me. But then, I’m more skilled in what tomatoes look like when the deer are eating them. 😦


  5. Yes Julie, in the meantime we have figured out that my tomatoes are definitely herbicide-tainted. We inadvertently used grass clippings that had probably 2,4-D on them. Any suggestions welcome here as well. Jonathan said to add compost . Some are affected more than others, but the worst have long growth on them with nothing much on them except curled up leaves (like tiny caterpillars). Apparently that herbicide kills by causing the plant to grow excessively fast, thereby ….uh oh, I’m getting in deeper than I have the knowledge for. I guess the plant finally just has a heart attack. LOL


    • That is so sad! I hope your better ones just have some minimal artery damage and can still give you some tomatoes. I had never thought about grass clippings. Hmmmm. Brad wondered if some crab grass preventer he put on got on my garden. I have blooms and even some tomatoes so I’m not losing hope yet. I have great onions!


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