Wheat Harvest Pictures 2016

Brad’s wheat harvest was finished over two weeks ago. I had technical difficulties, so pretend this post is two weeks ago. This was the first year that Brad was able to harvest his own wheat with all his own equipment, since he now owns a wheat header for his combine. I never made it to the field while he was harvesting; it was a short harvest. That means no pictures, but it looks about the same as wheat harvest in years past, except Brad didn’t have enough wheat to warrant driving a tractor and grain cart to the field. He just unloaded the combine into the semi.

I did make a trip to the field after harvest was over so we could get the annual wheat harvest picture. The first year we did this was 2011! Look how they’ve grown!


In last year’s post, I was nice enough to put all the past wheat harvest pictures. You won’t be disappointed if you go check them out.

Here are the 2016 wheat harvest pictures. We opted for taking them in the fallow ground because the wheat stubble (see 3rd picture below) would’ve come all the way up to Liza’s shoulders.

Wheat Harvest Picture 2016

Wheat Harvest Picture 2016





3 thoughts on “Wheat Harvest Pictures 2016

  1. Wow!!! They are really growing up!! Love seeing them. Read about your tomatoes – i have NO idea what the deal is and all my tomatoes are in buckets or large planter tubs this year – only have 4 – 2 cherry tomatoes and 2 regular ones. It’s an experiment to see if i can keep enough ripe with just those for the table. So far we’ve had quite a few cherry tomatoes but the others are still green. It has been a bit of a challenge to keep them watered with this HOT weather. Hope you have enough for your salsa. Maybe somebody will have too many and share. 🙂 Loved hearing from you on here! Keep up the good work!


    • Cherry tomatoes seem to usually be good for a garderner’s self esteem. 🙂 Hope you get a good crop of other tomatoes too. Mine haven’t died but I don’t see a bumper crop in my future. I’m counting on getting other’s leftovers!


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