Sunday at the Nebraska State Fair

Playing some catch up here. I didn’t think I should leave out Sunday at the Nebraska State Fair, since it was just as much fun as Saturday.

A lot of great kid activities –


Wyatt learning about what you can fish for in Nebraska.

The big map of Nebraska was a big hit, so was getting to be with friends.


We learned that the elevation change from eastern Nebraska to western Nebraska is greater than the elevation change from Omaha to the East coast.

I thought this was a big hit too.
philly cheesesteak This event may have been my favorite. We accidentally ran across it, but I’ll make a point to go watch it next time we go. I believe it was called team sorting. Three people on horses had to get 10 calves into the next pin as fast as they sortingsteer coming at you The catch is the cattle were numbered 0-9, and the cowboys had to get them in order starting with a random number they were given right before their time started. cattle sorting competition It was intense, but those horses and riders were skilled and fun to watch.

I’d recommend you check it out at the fair next year.


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