Husker Harvest Days

Husker Harvest DaysI can now say I have been to Husker Harvest Days. It’s a three day farm show near Grand Island, Nebraska. We were there with thousands of other farmers and their pickups. Wouldn’t want to show up to a farm show in your minivan or Civic.

img_0320We scoped out as many freebies as we could get without being obnoxious, and Brad learned some more about how his sprayer trailer works and how to make it work better. img_0321 Liza and I got tired of waiting for him to get done learning and found two tires to play it. It was a blast and even more fun when a cousin came to play too! img_0323 img_0324

I got to see lots of my favorite people along with a lot of other interesting people, so it was a great experience. My only regret is that I didn’t get a picture of me and my friends by some nice piece of farm machinery.


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