img_0015Elliana was thrilled to spend the day farming with Brad on Saturday, which included harvesting some corn. By the end of the day she was sitting on his lap driving the combine. I am being replaced.

That’s not all bad. I don’t mind my few days in a combine. The job I would be happy to turn over to my children is “moving fields.” I spent an hour and a half Saturday driving and I still didn’t end up anywhere near a Target. I drove from our house to met Brad in the combine for the purpose of me driving ahead of him on a hilly, gravel road to warn any on-coming vehicles that a slow moving, wide load was on the other side of the hill. I didn’t find anyone to warn. They all must have been watching the football game. We met at the field he was moving to, drove to the shop to get a pickup and fuel trailer, met at the same field, drove to get the semi, and then I was done – until he got a flat tire. Having responsible driving teenagers could be so handy.


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