Mental Health

The World and Everything in It had a segment on the mental health struggles of farmers recently. I really think they should have also focused on the mental health of the mothers with young children at home during the busy seasons and how about the mental health of the children putting up with that mother.Do they look like children whose dad has been working easily 70+ hours a week for the last eight weeks? Here’s a closer view. This irrigated field and the one pictured below were planted one day apart eight weeks ago. The fact that these fields and the non-irrigated fields have actually had rain on them this month has helped our mental health. That didn’t happen at all last year in June!

We were by the above field visiting a friend, so I asked Brad if he wanted me to take pictures of anything in the field for him. He said just the kids, so we did. That might be the extent of his Father’s Day gift. By the way, if you’re still looking for gift ideas for the father in your life, Emdesign put together some great gift ideas for farmers. They could work even if your dad isn’t a farmer.

Press on my fellow farmer’s wives. You are not alone.

Psalm 34:10 Those who seek the Lord shall not be in want of any good thing.


One Spring Day

It feels like that’s about all we’ve had of Spring – ONE day.

One day where it was nice enough to take the camera outside while the kids were playing on the play set. One day where we weren’t futilely trying to explain to the 1 year old why we didn’t want to take him outside. (The word ‘cold’ doesn’t mean much to him yet.)Today we’re back to hard core winter – cold, power outage, snow, blizzard kind of winter,

but you won’t hear us complaining about the snow. It’s moisture, and we farm in western Nebraska. Complaining about the wind could be another story.

Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party

My littlest two are a year older this month; and since we have always celebrated making it through the first year of our kid’s life, we had to throw a party. It’s fun to celebrate with some of the friends and family that have been a part of your life during the year. It was a grand time at the community hall, even though the walls are all covered with wood paneling.

Liza loved it all, and William handled all the commotion fairly well too. He even showed off his new walking skills.

I asked my friend Emily to decorate and take pictures, and she made the place look worlds better than I ever would have even attempted. Decorating is not my thing, and I loved not having to worry about it. [Shameless plug: If you check out her website and read her blog post about her trip to Jamaica, you’ll want to hire her for all your graphic design needs.]

I see no more big birthday parties in my near future.


Harvest Has Begun!

We have started harvesting our dry land corn. DRY is the true descriptive word there since most of the fields had barely any rain during June and July, kind of critical months in the life cycle of a corn plant.

At this point my 10 year old has helped Brad more than I have. I still can’t really believe it, but she is becoming a proficient grain cart driver. I’m sticking to the combine. I went to help one morning last week. Brad wanted to drive me around to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything important and to fill me in on the ins and outs of harvesting dry land corn. Our training ride was longer than expected and turned into a photo session.

Let’s take a selfie to get your mind off the fact that your knee just got squished under the armrest of Dad’s seat.
First combine ride
The 3 year old took a turn with the camera.

The best picture I’ve seen of me in a long time

And I took pictures of the 3 year old.

Quality time. I never ended up having to drive the combine myself because, ironically, it started to rain.

On the subject of harvest, check out this gnarly carrot from our garden.