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Small Town Nebraska/Farm Education:
A friend directed me to this incredible video of a Nebraska farming community harvesting for a fellow farmer who was seriously injured in a car accident late this summer. If you aren’t going to get in on any corn harvest this year, this will help meet that void in your life. It will warm your heart too.

Farm Education:
Brad finished picking the pivot Tuesday morning! When I started Monday morning the monitor said 65.170 acres done. combine monitorWhen I left 11 hours later, it said 117.706. Ag Leader MonitorHow many people just started to do math in their head? My sidekick for the day and I had a lot of good numbers to use for practicing subtraction throughout the day.

[God made me to have cheeks that run into my neck with no thought of a jaw line. I struggle with seeing the good in this.]

[God made me to have cheeks that run into my neck with no thought of a jaw line. I struggle with seeing the good in this. Thank you to all my friends that love me still.]

We had one time in the day where the lines were long enough at the elevator that while Brad was waiting there, we had time to fill the other truck, the grain cart and the combine. While we waited for him, we went through the field to see how many ears we could gather that the combine had missed. We should’ve taken a bucket and shovel with us. We found a pile from when the grain cart had gone faster than the combine before we realized it! Oops!

spilled field cornIt made for a comfortable place to rest.

spilled cornMuch more comfortable than this.harvested corn stalksIf you look at that picture again, you’ll see the stalks from what we just harvested on the left and a stalk from last year on the right. Tough plants!

I thought often during the day about a great venn diagram I would create for you comparing vacuuming to combining. Now I think that would take more time than I have to offer. I think the main differences are that you only have to combine once or twice in a year and my husband actually appreciates when I do it. Please share if you come up with some other similarities or differences!

Our church had a penny scramble in pinto beans at their harvest carnival. Liza barely left it and her hands turned a lovely shade of brownish gray from all her bean sifting. She now clearly says, “Money!” and knows that a penny is money. They were going to throw the beans away, but I rescued them in order to rescue my sanity at some point. IMG_0082 IMG_0081The hour of work I got done while she scooped and dumped beans was well worth having to sweep up some beans off the floor. Thank you harvest carnival!

Thanks for reading!



Game Day in Lincoln

I love a game day Saturday in Lincoln.
Husker Fans

Brad does too.

Crazy Husker FansWe no longer get to go to every home game, wear odd things on our heads, or act crazy enough to get our picture in the paper; but we still love going to a Husker game.


Did you know USA today put Memorial Stadium in the top five of college football stadiums? I don’t have any trouble agreeing with that. It’s an experience at least every Nebraska dweller needs to have.

Sea of RedHusker TouchdownThen there’s Nebraska volleyball. That’s another experience one should consider putting on their bucket list. Nebraska VolleyballIf you’re fortunate enough, you can even do both in the same day. You might even want to make the most of it by wearing a wig or painting your chest to cheer on those Huskers.

2 Years

As of last month, we have been living in our tiny Nebraska town for two years. Our life in Lincoln is starting to feel like it was so long ago.

Life here is not perfect, but I’m finding that I have more days I feel thankful than days that I don’t. I can’t list them all, but here are a few:

-I’m thankful we have several close suppliers of farm fresh eggs. Something about eating an egg that was inside of a brown shell feels healthier than eating one from a white shell.

-I’m thankful I don’t have to leave the house to get my kindergartener to school or to pick her up. I can especially be thankful for this since her time on the bus is not much longer than it would be if we drove.

-I’m thankful for the many, blessed people God has placed in our lives. We have fewer people in our surrounding population but that doesn’t mean great people aren’t there.

-I’m thankful for a yard large enough I can have a garden and for the people who share their garden produce with us. Even though I’m getting a little tired of having tomatoes on my counter, I’m thrilled I’ve hardly had to buy fresh vegetables since April.

-I’m thankful God is still working in our lives.

-I’m thankful I can drive 70 miles in a day and never run into a stop light.

-I’m thankful we live near lakes.

-Last but not least, I’m thankful that after two years our basement finally has trim in it again.

One Year

I got a card this week. Inside was written,

“Thanks for being here with me. You made it through the 1st year! (The 2nd time 🙂 )

Really I should be thanking him. Thanking him for…

…sticking with me.

…giving me interesting things to put on the blog.

…doing a lot of work to help me make it through the first year.

…my new “decorating fund.”

…being a hard working man.

…most importantly, following where God was leading even though I wasn’t happy about it.

Thanks Brad! Keep up the good work.

6 months

Only a year ago this month I gave in to moving. I still feel mostly like a stranger here, but I have now lived in a very small town in Nebraska for six months. That could be accomplished by most people. For me the real accomplishment is that I don’t cry about it weekly anymore. I still have moments where I want to blame any frustration and sadness on where I live, but they aren’t as frequent as when we first moved.

Now for some reflections:

I’ve found in the hardest days, God usually provides a spot of brightness. I just have to be willing to see it.

I can’t dwell on where I’m not. Although Lincoln is not Sodom, I don’t want to be a Lot and keep looking back. I will always have people, places and events I miss, I will still have moments I have to cry because I miss them so much, but I can’t dwell there.

I have to focus on today. I get very concerned if I look into the future, but I’m at a point where I can handle focusing on living today well.

This is not how I would’ve written my life story and I wonder about God’s plan in it all; but more than that, I’m very grateful that God has a plan and purpose for me.

To all who have been reading for the last six months and to you who have joined along the way, thank you! Your encouragement has provided bright spots in many days!


Back in April, I heard a message by Mark Kremer about having a mission based on Esther 4:1-17. Usually I’m skeptical about that type of thing, but this one actually hit home for me. I was just beginning to process that I would be moving back to the farm. This gave me hope that there was purpose in that and let me feel like blogging wasn’t a waste of my time.

Looking back over my notes this is what I see…

1. God is sovereign and at work in our lives at ALL times. So He has a purpose in moving me again.

2. Consider the pain and confusion of those around me. My mission should focus on addressing those needs.

3. My mission must NOT be about making myself comfortable. I certainly wouldn’t mind just staying in Lincoln where I am quite comfortable.

4. My mission must involve risk. A greater risk to having a mission is to not live on mission and waste my life. Farming and living in a very small town is a definite risk in my book.

5. To complete my mission I must act, on complete reliance on God and in partnership with others.

Not in my notes, but what I remember…

6. When considering your mission consider the unique place God has you (rural America counts for only 16% of the population) and the talents He’s given you (writing).

As a result of that message, I created my mission and now blog a lot.

To glorify God by telling others what He’s doing in my life through the platform of a small farm town blog in hopes they will grow and know Him more.

It’s good I reviewed this because I think I may need to step it up a notch and listen to that message again.

Anyone else have a personal mission?