One Spring Day

It feels like that’s about all we’ve had of Spring – ONE day.

One day where it was nice enough to take the camera outside while the kids were playing on the play set. One day where we weren’t futilely trying to explain to the 1 year old why we didn’t want to take him outside. (The word ‘cold’ doesn’t mean much to him yet.)Today we’re back to hard core winter – cold, power outage, snow, blizzard kind of winter,

but you won’t hear us complaining about the snow. It’s moisture, and we farm in western Nebraska. Complaining about the wind could be another story.

Farm Cottage Creamery

An unexpected positive side to Brad doing electrical work is that he makes new friends. He has been working on wiring a barn lately. I just always thought of it as just a barn, until he came home with churned body butter and milk soap that the owner gave him. (It smells fabulous!) Come to find out this barn he is wiring is a barn for kidding Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

Today we got to go check out their adorableness. 

These three were born ten minutes after Brad left on Wednesday this week. The mama was probably wishing he would hurry up and leave so she could have her kids in peace and quiet. I’m sure she appreciated the nice lighting. I wish I would’ve taken a picture of it!

If you’re thinking you want to get yourself some Nigerian Dwarf goats, this is your place. I think the owner said she has around 12 bred does. If I lived in the country, I would be seriously hoping for some of these goats as pets.

Since it was cold and muddy, we didn’t get to check out the KuneKune pigs and just got a glimpse of the Jersey Cows that are also on this quaint Nebraska acreage. We did get to go see the 12 new lab puppies.

William was less nervous about them than the goats for some reason.
They are cute puppies, but I would much rather have a goat. The puppies were all called for anyway.


A visit to the Farm Cottage Creamery website is where you should head now to see more pictures of adorable animals and to do a little shopping feel like it.

Let me know if you decide to buy a goat. I’ll come visit you.

Stubby Acres

If you want to meet some of the friendliest people I know,

if you’re traveling west across Nebraska and need somewhere to stay before you hit Colorado (the options are somewhat slim between the Nebraska border and Denver),

if you’d like to eat one of the best breakfasts you’ll ever eat,

if you’re willing to live a little outside the box,

if you want to see some beautiful Nebraska scenery,

I have a little recommendation for you to seriously consider.

Go to and reserve the bunk house at Stubby Acres. Click on the main picture at the top of the page to see more pictures and make sure you read the awesome reviews. If you have a party of more than two people, just ask them if they’d let you pitch a tent.

Remember that total solar eclipse last month? [It was rather incredible by the way. William liked the glasses.]

Nebraska was packed with people literally from all over the world, and they were looking for places to stay since hotels were completely booked. My friend threw out the idea of renting their bunk house, and that’s how Stubby Acres ended up on Airbnb. I hope you’ll check it out, and I know you won’t regret it.

Stops Along The Way

For all of you traveling through Nebraska this summer, I have some great western Nebraska stops you can take to break up your I-80 journey. Going from east to west…

Cody Park in North Platte:

Cody Park has perfect rides for toddlers, and hardly ever do you have to wait in line for more than a few minutes. The smiles on my 3-year-old’s face in the pictures prove the point, and the big kids enjoy it too. You can also eat there for really cheap, and they have huge ice cream cones. The baby size is even big.


Front Street in Ogallala:

Ogallala is home to the “longest running summer stock theater production in Nebraska” – The Crystal Palace Review. We went to the show for the first time this summer and will go again. It was very enjoyable. It does fill up, so you might want to call ahead to make sure they have a seat for you. You can eat supper before or during the show or you can just come to watch the show. I hear the rib eye is quite good. 

Lake McConaughy:

If you’re traveling by on a Sunday afternoon and don’t mind taking home some sand, you should try and come hang out with us at Lake McConaughy or the Sutherland Reservoir. We will do our best to show you a fun time and even have a spot for your baby to nap. Although if they are 6 months or older, it might take four hours to finally get them to sleep!