Home On The Range

When I reviewed Back In the Saddle, the first book in the Double S Ranch series, I guessed that the following books in the series would be about that main character’s brothers. I was right! I got to read the second book in the series, so I could review it for you thanks to Blogging for Books.

Home on the Range parallels the first book in the series in many ways, although it is very much its own story. Simply put, brothers that grew up on a ranch in Washington work through their past and current issues while falling in love with a woman who is working through her own set of issues. Ruth Logan Herne does a nice job of developing characters, and I enjoyed the way she connected the main characters from Back in the Saddle into this story line.

This is another pleasure read book that I’m sure you would enjoy. It does have some depth in a theme that looks at some hard questions. Elsa, the main female character, is working through “If God was truly present, then how could such [bad] things happen? And if man had so much free will, then why bother with prayer?”

I’m pretty sure if you read this book, you’ll be keeping an eye out for the last book in the series and you’ll consider reading other books by Ruth Logan Herne.


Stubby Acres

If you want to meet some of the friendliest people I know,

if you’re traveling west across Nebraska and need somewhere to stay before you hit Colorado (the options are somewhat slim between the Nebraska border and Denver),

if you’d like to eat one of the best breakfasts you’ll ever eat,

if you’re willing to live a little outside the box,

if you want to see some beautiful Nebraska scenery,

I have a little recommendation for you to seriously consider.

Go to airbnb.com and reserve the bunk house at Stubby Acres. Click on the main picture at the top of the page to see more pictures and make sure you read the awesome reviews. If you have a party of more than two people, just ask them if they’d let you pitch a tent.

Remember that total solar eclipse last month? [It was rather incredible by the way. William liked the glasses.]

Nebraska was packed with people literally from all over the world, and they were looking for places to stay since hotels were completely booked. My friend threw out the idea of renting their bunk house, and that’s how Stubby Acres ended up on Airbnb. I hope you’ll check it out, and I know you won’t regret it.

Good News

Wow! The Good News in Four Words by Dandi Daley Mackall is a book I am excited to have on our bookshelf. It tells the Gospel story in a way that toddlers can start to grasp. My three year old is fascinated with the pictures, and I enjoy reading the words. I know she’ll start to remember some of the lines in the book after reading it a few more times because it has one of my favorite things in children’s books…you guessed it…great rhyme and rhythm. The book is not limited to only four words. The four words are just the main themes.

  • Wow! – Creation and a relationship with God
  • Uh-Oh! – Sin
  • Yes! – Jesus
  • Ahh! – Holy Spirit and Heaven
  • Wow! – Growing in faith and sharing the Good News

“Be thankful for Jesus. Let love overflow.
Tell others God loves them. The world needs to know!
And sharing this news helps your own faith to grow.”

I really appreciate how the author circles back around to the Wow! at the end of the book. At the end of the book, she also includes includes scripture passages for you to look up that address each of the ideas. Thank you Tyndale House for sending me a copy of this book to review.

Stops Along The Way

For all of you traveling through Nebraska this summer, I have some great western Nebraska stops you can take to break up your I-80 journey. Going from east to west…

Cody Park in North Platte:

Cody Park has perfect rides for toddlers, and hardly ever do you have to wait in line for more than a few minutes. The smiles on my 3-year-old’s face in the pictures prove the point, and the big kids enjoy it too. You can also eat there for really cheap, and they have huge ice cream cones. The baby size is even big.


Front Street in Ogallala:

Ogallala is home to the “longest running summer stock theater production in Nebraska” – The Crystal Palace Review. We went to the show for the first time this summer and will go again. It was very enjoyable. It does fill up, so you might want to call ahead to make sure they have a seat for you. You can eat supper before or during the show or you can just come to watch the show. I hear the rib eye is quite good. 

Lake McConaughy:

If you’re traveling by on a Sunday afternoon and don’t mind taking home some sand, you should try and come hang out with us at Lake McConaughy or the Sutherland Reservoir. We will do our best to show you a fun time and even have a spot for your baby to nap. Although if they are 6 months or older, it might take four hours to finally get them to sleep! 


Right Now in Nebraska

I snapped this picture on my phone when I was at my friend’s house that has the incredible view. I like how it shows a lot about what is happening in western Nebraska right now.

In the bottom of the picture you wee what unwatered grass looks like. DRY. We are really needing rain in our part of the state. We’re at the point where it feels like we’re constantly pleading with God to send rain and always trying not to worry. Oh that we would feel the need for more of Jesus like we feel the need for rain.

Moving on up the picture you see the beautiful green of irrigated corn. Then in the center above that is the golden wheat that farmers are starting to harvest. The contrast between those two this time of year is always so pretty.

Then at the top you have the gorgeous blue sky – the constant in all seasons.

Now check this out. I moved my camera a smidge to the right and it looks like this!

You see a vineyard and then you’re looking at a one acre hop yard. With the price of corn and wheat in the tank, some farmers are stepping out to try new things. This farmer is really going out on a limb. I’m pretty sure you won’t find even a handful of hop yards in our section of the state. It is quite an impressive piece of work!Those posts are huge in real life. Right now the green in the picture is weeds between the rows. The hops are planted in the black weed barrier. I didn’t get an up close picture, but I’m going to have to visit frequently to watch the progress and the process. 

Animal OCD

This has to be one of the most bizarre corn field happenings that has ever happened to us.

From a distance in this field of Brad’s it looks like the planter didn’t plant one row.

When you get closer you can see that corn is there.

It has just been eaten by some creature.

THE WHOLE ENTIRE ROW! The animal did not quit at just a few plants or part of the row and it didn’t not try other rows. It only liked this one and couldn’t bring itself to quit. I’m not even exaggerating.

I think it’s a natural phenomenon. Have you ever seen anything like it?