Pivot Checking at Sunset

My Family/Farm Education:
Brad is pumping on fertilizer his corn with the water from the pivot so he needed to go check to make sure it was going on at the right rate. It seemed like a good Friday evening family outing. While Brad and the big kids walked to the pivot point, Liza and I stayed and played in the short end rows.

It was a beautiful, July evening that started with the sun behind the clouds until it popped out as it was setting. I’m sorry I don’t know how to best photograph a sunset.

Farm Education:
Let’s discuss some of the many hindrances to growing food.

1. Rabbits!
Elliana and I put a little fence around as many of these beans as we could after we saw this damage, but who knows if they’ll decide to get real jumpy and hop over it.
Beans vs rabbits2. Volunteer Corn
It doesn’t produce anything and just sucks up moisture from the ground.

volunteer corn3. Sprayer Error
In the distance of this picture you can see where the corner of dry land corn stopped and irrigated corn (taller) starts. You can also see that it looks like Brad is standing in a spot of very short corn.
IMG_0274Back in March he was working on his sprayer in that spot and cleaning it out. All he can figure is that the windshield washer fluid (I think he puts this in it for winter storage.) he was spraying through the machine sterilized the ground so seed couldn’t grow. sterilized groundThe two lanes of no corn are right under where nozzles of the sprayer were when he drove it forward a few yards. He’s just glad he didn’t figure this out on someone else’s field, that it’s not even a full acre, and that it’s not on irrigated ground.

4. Then you have my depressing tomatoes. 
If you could just tell me what is causing the leaves to be all curled up and what to do about it, that would save me the energy of trying to figure it out. I don’t think it’s a bug because Sevin dust didn’t help. sick tomato plant


I Will Fear No Evil, for YOU are with Me

What I’ve Been Thinking:
The Kara Tippetts story has spent some time consuming my thoughts lately. In her suffering Jesus was her comfort and hope. I’ve recently read in the Bible about God’s presence being such a privilege and joy for the Isrealites, and then verses giving us reason not to fear solely because of his presence have come across my path.

Psalm 23:4
Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil, for You are with me;

Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the Lord your God is the one who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.

So I’ve been asking myself, “Is Jesus presence enough for me?” and my truthful answer is that I don’t understand how it can be, but I’m going to trust that it is.

Wyatt has a real fear of tornados now that we are in “tornado season.” I can’t honestly promise that we won’t be hit by a tornado, but I’ve decided I can tell him Jesus will always be with us. I get hit with fears like all mom’s do. What if I have to give up chocolate? What if I live in this house the rest of my life? What if  ____________ (insert terrible, tragic, unspeakable thought). Now, I pray it never happens, and tell myself that Jesus will always be with me. Even though I don’t understand how that can be enough because I don’t know Him well enough, I have found it still brings me peace.

Does it you?

Gear BoxesThese pivot gear boxes were out getting warranty work done on them. Brad put them back on this week and some tires too. He also sprayed some wheat with fertilizer and in perfect time. We got moisture the next day! It was in the form of snow, but we don’t care how it comes.

This was Elliana’s view on our way to school this April morning.

See the deer?

See the deer?

That was the first of four sets of deer I saw along the road today. It’s always so good to see them and to not hit them.

Book Recommendation:
Bearenstain Bears God Made You Special

I can’t compare God Made You Special by Mike Berenstain to other books about children with special needs, but I really like how this book approaches the subject. It starts with talking about how kids hear about God’s love for them and can see it in things around them. Then it makes them think about how that love is for everyone. It never mentions a specific disability or label but still points out that some people are created with very obvious differences. I really appreciate that it points out that those differences are there to teach us something, and I really like the questions at the end of the book. They opened the door for great conversations with my 5 and 7 year old. I’m very thankful BookLook Bloggers sent me a copy of this book to review for you, and they didn’t twist my arm to make me tell you positive things either.

Nebraska Recommendations:
I know these two Nebraska bloggers, and their recent posts make me want to be a better writer and make me think they need to post more. You will be touched and inspired if you take time to read God Moved My Finish Line and Can You Still Feel The Butterflies.

Coming up next weekend!

White Barn Treasures

It was a huge success last fall and is sure to be a bigger success this spring.

My Family:
Ever felt this way? Maybe try taking a nap next time you do.
IMG_2061 IMG_2059
What if she doesn’t nap?! Will Jesus be enough for me then?

Farm Girl First

After we had front row seats to some bright, noisy fireworks last night,

20140705-130435-47075730.jpgthe kids and I had to check the pivot for Brad today. He is overly busy spraying, which I really should blog about someday.

20140705-130119-46879372.jpgIt was Liza’s first time checking a pivot. It was running.

center pivotWe also had to make sure the dripper was dripping, even though I don’t know why. We also had to make sure the fertilizer was being pumped on at the right rate by seeing how much was remaining.

cone bottom

Another other duty as assigned completed.



Farming on the Fives

I’m writing this before the 15th has happened, but I think I can give you an educated guess on what farming Brad will do on this day ending in 5.

The corn in his pivot needs a little more fertilizer according to our agronomist (one of the brothers), so before Brad goes to church, hopefully before he gets ready for church actually, he’s going to go to the pivot and start the fertilizer pump. He hauled the fertilizer out there a couple of days ago, so all he’ll have to do is get it started.

My mom actually rode along on the adventure of hauling the fertilizer to the field. She took this picture of the fertilizer tank at the pivot point.

After Brad starts it up today like he speculated that he’s going to do, that fertilizer will be delivered to the corn along with water by the pivot.

Irrigation Pivot PointCenter PivotIf he does any farming other than that, I’ll be sure to update this post as soon as possible.

Is your farmer going to do any farming this Sunday?