2016 Harvest in the Books

combine to grain cart to semiBrad finished harvesting his corn today. He’ll still be helping another farmer with harvest, but his corn is out of the field.

The big highlight of this harvest was Elliana learning to drive the grain cart. Brad started showing her the ropes Sunday afternoon.
7250 TractorAunt Renae rode along with her yesterday, but Elliana just didn’t feel like she could go by herself yet. 2016 Corn Harvest img_0350Today she and Brad went out to finish the last 100 rows. He thought the way things were set up would be perfect for her to drive by herself, and she did. Don’t worry about her being overworked. She’s been SO EXCITED all week about driving the grain cart!


Looking for corn that the combine missed

Another highlight was getting quality, one-on-one time in the combine with the big kids. If you want to see how your kids are different, just spend a few hours with each of them in a combine.

img_0351Wyatt and Liza rode with me for a short bit and were more than happy when a better option came up for them. Three people in that small space isn’t ideal for long periods of time.

Now we’re praising God that a safe and happy harvest is complete!



Farming:corn header maintainenceThis morning I helped Brad finish getting the header ready for the field.

grease holeI stood on the header and watched carefully to announce that I saw grease move in the hole, while Brad squeezed grease in from below. We repeated this eight different times.

greasing a headerHe worked up a sweat. I tried to stay warm and not miss the moment I could announce, “It moved!” corn headerThis thing was short on grease. Brad squeezed a whole tube of grease into one spot. The kids played in the shop while Brad worked and I watched. Liza only once felt a little lonely.
IMG_0044I bet Brad will drive the combine to the field this week.

What I’m Thinking and Learning:
Carrot FlowerI recently read a post about how pollinators love blooming carrots. I hadn’t even realized that carrots bloom before reading that. Duh! Well I must have not picked some carrots that were ready to be picked, and all of a sudden I had blooming carrots in my garden! They’re beautiful! It’s the white flowers in the picture. The pink are zinnias, and they’re a new favorite too.

I read these words this week and thought they were exactly what I needed

Psalm 131:2 
Surely I have composed and quieted my soul…


So There I Was…

Brad and his sidekick Wyatt have started picking corn. I texted once to see how it was going and Brad actually put the word “Awesome!” in a text. That’s saying a lot people.

Right before he started picking corn, my help was needed. Liza and I went over really early in the morning for our first job of helping to get something put back together on the feeder house.

IMG_1654Then later that day, right as I was about ready to make dough for some runzas, we were needed again. This big thing below, which I think he calls the feeder house, needed to get back onto the combine.

Feeder HouseAfter Brad reminded me how to start the combine, I drove so he could line things up and get it put back in place.

This was my view.

IMG_1660Part of the time Brad stood where I could see him and told me what to do. The thought crossed my mind that I never once imagined this scenario happening when I married him over a decade ago.IMG_1661 Some of the time when I was moving this machine forward, I couldn’t see him at all and could’ve been about ready to run over him for all I knew. Clearly, that didn’t happen since I told you he’s out picking corn.

So after that job was successfully completed, the runzas waited for another day, and I fed my family popcorn for supper. I never imagined I’d do that either!


Back Pain

I was called upon to help put that shiny cylinder thing back into the feeder house of the combine. As you can see, we were successful.Feeder House It was a challenging task and at the end of it this is what I saw of Brad. IMG_1604I promise you he did not pose for that and may not even know I took the picture.

So if a farmer ever tells you they have back pain…


Remember when I had to help with getting an auger out of the combine?  Several days ago, I got to help put it back in the shaft. It was a challenge, but we managed. Brad had put flighting on the auger, and it now looked like this:

auger with flighting

Because it’s a used combine the auger edges were worn out. Instead of getting a new auger, Brad put the flighting on and it’s as good as new. This auger was one that moves the corn up to the bin in the combine. He then went to work on the auger that takes it out of the combine. It looked in desperate need of some flighting.

chewed up auger

worn augerNow our combine is more efficient. That can help make up for some of the operator error.

Other Duties As They Arise

Yesterday morning I dropped the big kids off at the building, so they could hang out there with Brad while I went on a walk. Brad says, “Can you help with on the combine?”

Uhhhhhh “Sure.”

“Just pull this board out and I’m going to … (blah, blah, blah) and then put the board back in.”

Uhhhhhh “Ok.”

See that 2x4 up there?

See that 2×4 up there?

That green strap was there to help keep the auger from smashing Brad if I didn’t do my job right. I managed to pull the board out and put it back in when I was supposed to, but the auger got stuck on something so I was released to go on my walk.

When I got back, he’d made some progress, but I got to help some more.

I got to put on some “sturdy” gloves and help get the auger from here (upright and still in the shaft)combine augerto here (out of the shaft and horizontal to the ground). Brad is going to put some flighting on the auger (or something like that) and then I might get to put on those sturdy gloves again and help to put it back.


All in a days work.