Thankful Heart

Book: god-gave-us-thankful-heartsThanks to Blogging for Books, I was able to receive a free copy of God Gave Us Thankful Hearts to review. Of all the “God Gave Us…” books by Lisa Tawn Bergren that I’ve read, this one is my favorite so far. It teaches children the important truth of finding ways to be thankful even when something isn’t exactly how you like it to be, and it does so in a way children will easily understand.

Where the other stories I’ve read by Lisa Tawn Bergren have been with Polar Bears, this story is a conversation between a wolf pup and his mama and papa. It has pictures children will like to look at with a variety of other forest animals to look at too. God Gave Us Thankful Hearts has a copyright date of 2016, so if you’re looking for a good children’s book to give as a gift they might not have this one yet!

Farming and My Family:
Liza had a busy week last week. She got to ride in the combine, sprayer and the tractor. She was quite happy about it too as you can see. She rode along with Brad to take the combine to the field and they “filled it up with corn” one time to see how wet it was.
img_0328 img_0327 After they got done with that they rode the sprayer home since it was at the field.

img_0329 Then a few days later, she rode along to take the tractor to a field to drill some wheat. I could’ve brought her home before they got started, but she wanted to keep riding, which also turned into napping.img_0332 When I went to pick her up later, Brad trusted me with hauling this fertilizer trailer back into town to get it filled at the co-op.
img_0334 I asked him if he had any words of wisdom for me before I left. All he said was to not go too slow over the weeds so they wouldn’t catch on fire. (We’re a little dry out here.) img_0333 Nothing started on fire, and we completed the task without complication. Phew!

It’s a tough time of year to be a farm kid in school, but Wyatt was glad to get some tractor time with Brad this weekend. He also made it so Brad didn’t spend most of his birthday alone in the tractor.  img_0335 wheat drillWhat I’ve Been Thinking:
Anyone else fear that pain and suffering might be in your future or you’re tired of the pain and suffering you’re dealing with right now? I’m constantly having to remember to not worry about tomorrow. I listened to this message by Bryan Clark this week and it put my worries into such perspective. It always comes down to the question of “Do I trust God?”

Below is an excerpt from the message, but I would recommend at least downloading the transcript and reading the last few pages or listening to the whole thing if you’d rather.

“There’s nowhere where the Scriptures say, “Let’s make a deal! You be a good preacher and everything will work out. No pain and suffering, everything will make sense.” There has to be an understanding when that’s my theology, I’m not really pursuing God; I’m pursuing the best deal. That’s a very selfish pursuit. We set ourselves up for pain and disappointment when we think I’m being really good; I’m following the rules; I’m doing what I’m supposed to; now God betrayed me; God let me down. We are saying, “God, You didn’t keep Your end of the deal.” And God says, “What deal? I didn’t make that deal.”

Really trusting God is a choice of your will. You decide: I’m going to choose to trust God. I’m going to choose to believe God is who He says He is.


Drilling Time

Brad finally joined the smart phone world this year. Now my man of few words can send me a picture of what he is doing without having to use any words.

2016 wheat drillingThe recommended time for drilling wheat in our area is closer to the end of September. The taller wheat gets before winter, the greater chance you have for winter kill. Brad takes that risk because the ground he is farming is sand, so the risk of his soil blowing away is more of a concern to him.

Checking the Drill

wheat drill

Before Wyatt left the field this day, Brad had told him he could help check the wheat.

air drillApparently, checking the wheat included tasting it. tasting wheatSomething was fishy. father son farming

One of the rows wasn’t putting out the right amount of seed. We tried to help with the investigation, but were not overly useful. After we left, Brad found the problem – a dead mouse was in the place where seed was supposed to be flowing. Somehow he fished it out and continued on his merry way.

And just so the girls don’t feel left out…

IMG_8369 IMG_8360 IMG_8357

First Tractor Ride

This girl smiles more at her dad than she smiles at any other person I know.IMG_1611She got to ride in the tractor with him for the first time this week.

Can you believe the tractor was driving the entire time we took these pictures?! Wonders never cease.

I should have left her chilling with Daddy just like this

IMG_1621because I took her home for a nap, and she refused to take one!

What was Brad doing?Drilling WheatHe was drilling wheat.

Farming on the 5’s

It’s a beautiful day for drilling wheat with a buddy.
It’s also a beautiful day for looking at your wife with the look of “you goof, I’ve got too much to do to pose inside the tractor for you.”
It’s also a beautiful day to drill move fields and drill wheat all by yourself.

Wheat DrillWheat Drilling SetupDrilling WheatDue to the continuing severe drought, it is a beautiful day to pray for rain because you just drilled wheat into extremely sandy soil.

Sandy SoilLast but not least, it’s also a beautiful day to take a survey. I only ask one more time because I learned that if you ever do real survey research you have to ask more than two times to get a good response. (Don’t worry, I know this is not real survey research.) I’m even making it super easy for you by putting it right here in front of you. You can’t resist typing answers to questions that are already right in front of you.