The Stories Behind the Tweets

If you happened to miss it a while ago (like my very own brother did), I have joined the world of Twitter. I find it a very enjoyable world. Here are a couple of stories behind some recent tweets.

If you aren’t on twitter, you would’ve missed this twitpic.

7120 ride

On Sunday, I tweeted a congrats to the runners of the Lincoln Marathon. If you ever get to go be a part of this fabulous Nebraska event as a participant or spectator, you will not be disappointed! We knew many participants, but we especially went to cheer on my sister and brother. my siblings

It was Luke’s first half marathon and one of many for JIll. They both ran their personal best and finished strong. We’re so proud of them and are now praying for their healing and recovery.

Some were more excited than others about cheering for the runners.

marathon watchersI was so excited, I couldn’t even get Luke’s head in the picture.

IMG_0086We’re all looking forward to the 2014 Lincoln Half Marathon!

If you saw my tweet about watching our friend’s horse foal last night, here are pictures about an hour after it was born. I took a few screen shots during the intense moments of four people pulling this adorable filly out, but apparently they didn’t save. 😦 I’m very disappointed I can’t show those to you.

1 hour old phillynew foal


May Accomplishments

If you’ve felt like I was blogging but not really present during May, it was because we were busy accomplishing lots and my brain was not in write mode. I’ve made a list of our major accomplishments this month for you in order of their occurance.

1. Ran The Lincoln Half Marathon – If you’ve never done it, you should put it on your to do list. It’s a fabulous time and you’ll want to do it again after you do it once. Just run it slow the first time so you can easily beat your time the next time. It’s annoying to barely beat your time.

Yes that’s the same shirt I’ve worn in every half marathon! I really like it.

My sister amidst the throngs of runners before the race – she blew her first time out of the water.

2. Donated Blood – I didn’t have this in my original list, but then I saw it in the county paper. “Julie was a first time donor.” I had no idea that was newspaper worthy news; but if it’s newspaper worthy, it must be blog worthy.

3. Celebrated 10 Years of Wedded Bliss – Brad actually said he thinks I look better now than when we met. What a nice guy.

The wonderful man I married

4. Participated in the Community Garage Sale – We don’t have neighborhood sales in this country. Entire towns have sales. It was a great time! I always like it when people give me money.

5. Celebrated Wyatt’s Birthday – I’ll tell you where we went another day.

6. Finished the School Year!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Finished Planting

8. Harvested Something From Our Garden – Those radishes are fast growers.

Doesn’t everyone have a random piece of cardboard in their garden?

Any of those you’d like to hear more about?

I thank God for the ability to run and give blood, for my husband and children, for having so much I need to sell some of it, for helping me survive a school year working with elementary students, and for soil to grow corn and a garden.

Now for getting ready to accomplish many things this summer. I see a lot of drive time in my future with trips to at least Kansas City, Sioux Falls, Lincoln and Denver! I’m looking forward to all of it!

Autumn River Run

SkinnyRunner isn’t probably going to review this race, so I figure I better.

It’s a true small town Nebraska run. Less than 100 people ran the half marathon, and I knew four of them. One of those four was Shauna. The lonely clock on the bare wall shows the time we left for the race.

If she wouldn’t have signed up, I might not have either. I’m glad we did.

The weather was perfect. The scenery was quite beautiful as far as beautiful Nebraska scenery is concerned. We certainly didn’t have to slow down because of too many people.

Here’s proof: scenic and spacious

We only paid $25 for the race and got a moisture control long sleeve tshirt. I’m sure the cost of the race was low partly because they didn’t have to worry about any traffic control or crowd control. We just ran down the road and moved over if a car came.

As for the crowd along the race, it was our cheering section and one other lady. That’s about it.

Our cheering section included the kids (see the right side of the road in the above picture), our husbands, who didn’t take pictures of themselves, and our friends Christopher and Ashley, who got up early enough to beat our families to the start of the race!

It would’ve been slightly boring without our cheering section. The race route allowed them to stand in one spot where we saw them four times plus the two times they drove past us. I looked forward to every single time.

By the looks of us at the finish, I think you can tell we had a good run.

We didn’t finish in our best times, but we blame that on the altitude difference between Eastern and Western Nebraska. It is different and does make a difference in how fast you can run. At least that’s what I’ve convinced myself.

It is also worth noting that the bathroom we used before the race had no door and no doors on the stalls. Talk about bonding with your fellow runners. It was a women’s bathroom with two toilets and one urinal, but we certainly didn’t have to wait in a long line before the race. It wouldn’t have been a problem if there was a line because they made sure everyone was out of the bathroom before they started the race.

Now I can’t wait until the Lincoln half!  I’m slightly addicted to half marathons.