Small Town Nebraska:
We enjoy other people’s animals. That might not be the case, if we had our own. We’ve been doing chores for a “neighbor” who was out of town this week. The kids LOVE it! They collect the eggs, feed the chickens and cats, and we just watch. I just let a chicken get out, but she eventually went back in for the food. Phew!  [Sorry about the shaky pictures!]
collecting eggsfeeding chickensMy sister-in-law’s ewes have all had their babies. She has 29 playful, happy lambs; and she knows about each one of them.
ewes and lambs It is impossible to not smile around all of them. Even the mama’s are overly friendly and come right up next to you. Sniffing your pockets must be their way of saying hello.
friendly sheepDid you ever think sheep could be a stress reliever? little lambs

Something I Learned: 
It’s time for my once a year kid craft idea. I skip pinterest and just look at the bulletin boards when I’m at work. This one caught my eye in a first grade class room, and if you want to make it educational you can talk about primary and secondary colors while doing it.

All you need is a paper plate (the kind without the glossy finish), corn syrup, 1 drop of red food coloring, 1 drop of blue food coloring, and 2 drops of yellow food coloring. corn syrup artPut some corn syrup in the middle of the plate and drip the food coloring on it. Then tilt the plate however you want. When you like your design, lay it flat for two weeks. easy kid craftIt makes this shiny, colorful design and takes less than 2 minutes. Even though she might be a little old for this craft, Elliana made three of them today. She probably just feels craft deprived at home.

If we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot deny himself.
2 Timothy 2:13


Little Lambs

Today = Gorgeous! I wore a t-shirt on a walk and pushed these two.


I know he’s a little big for the buggy; but I stop less this way, and he helps Liza eat her lunch.

Brad needed us to come pick him up close to the local “zoo,” so we went and took in the new babies, 23 little lambs.

This little has a broken leg because his mom accidentally stepped on him. He still runs around even with his cast, and his mom won’t make that same mistake again. As for the mommas in the picture, you wouldn’t believe how soft their wool feels and your fingers disappear into it if you go to give them a scratch.lambs

This little one is less than two days old. Did you know that when lambs are born their coat is like sandpaper? This little one felt like cardboard, but in a few days he’ll be as soft as the others. newborn lamb coat

If you have the impression that farmers are not smart, educated people, please get to know a few of them. The way they smell after a day of work and the cleanliness of their vehicles are not indicators of their intelligence. How well they manage their cash flow and what they know about their crop and equipment might be better indicators. Brad has been in education mode lately; planter clinic, sprayer clinic, safety training…. He might not be learning things you or I would want to learn, but he’s learning and excited about it. He was quite disappointed Friday when he realized he missed a chance to go to a class on weed resistance. What a bummer.

Small Town Nebraska:
In our village, you can take your outdoor plants not made to survive a Nebraska winter to the post office if you don’t have room for them in your house. It brightens up the post office, and if you go there almost everyday you won’t forget to water them. Can’t beat some of those small town perks!

Animal Lovers

You should know the only animals living in our house are uninvited bugs. So when my animal loving sister-in-law and brother came to visit (They live with a dog, 2 cats, hedgehog, guinea pig, and occasional foster animals.), we had to go visit our other animal loving family.

Sara was in heaven.

sheep love Friendly lambsWyatt was too.

IMG_8746kittenskitten loveOther animals they loved on that aren’t pictured include 3 dogs, many cats, a hedgehog, and if the bottle calves would’ve been in the barn like they were the other day,

bottle calfI’d have more pictures for you.

More Little Lambs

Sheep PenOn what feels like the only nice day we’ve had in a few weeks, we went to check on the lambs again. LIttle Lamb FaceNow they have 17 or 18 (where’s my memory?) little lambs.

SheepThe lambs all had their tails banded, which actually just means they had a rubber band tied on tight enough that the tail will soon fall off. No tail means less chance of infection. You can see the bands if you look.

Banded Tails

They were all outside, but so we could see and touch the lambs better they separated them from their mommas by chasing them into the barn. The little girls tried to act as a human gate to keep them in the barn.

IMG_8635The mommas were not really happy with this arrangement.

EwesWyatt wasn’t sure about being in close proximity to the little critters, but by the end they were nibbling on his hat and he was smiling about it.

20140303-202708.jpgThey showed us how they leap off of the hay bales too, which would bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Like I said before, if you’re looking for a lamb to show at the fair, I can hook you up.


Little Lambs

Little LambIt is calving season for many in Nebraska, and it is also lambing season for those who want a sheep to show at the fair in the summer. We stopped by to look at the cute, new lambs in my brother-in-law/sister-in-law’s barn. They really are very cute.

This is one of the newest under a heat lamp. They have to trap them in with their mama when they’re brand new. Newborn LambHere’s one that’s a few days older with his mama, who looks a little rough due to a dog who was wanting lamb chops. Nursing LambThe little creatures are very friendly and playful. They’re all born black but start turning white as their wool grows. Black SheepHere you have a mama named Cutie. She was supposed to have her baby two days ago. I told her from my experience that she would feel much better once she has her baby, but if she doesn’t want to be as bothered by this bitterly cold spell, staying pregnant is one way to do that. Pregnant EweIf you’re looking for a sheep to show at the fair, I know someone who might be able to sell you one.