Called or Driven

“Are you called or driven?” – Another great thought I heard from my dad in my formative years. It’s really a great question to ask yourself. You could also think of it as asking, “is this my idea or God’s idea?”

I was really feeling pressured to put up a Christmas tree, even though we would only have it up for 11 days before Christmas. When I considered if I was being called or driven, I allowed myself to not feel guilty about not setting up a Christmas tree this year. (Sharing that is also my attempt to make sure you know our life is not picture perfect.) I don’t know if we were called to be doing what we did today; but when you have a new baby coming in around 39 days, a very strong drive pushes you to get things in order, not make more work for yourself (like getting large decorations out that you’re just going to have to put away in few weeks), and to try to figure out where you put the hardware for the crib so you can put it together. I’m so thankful the Bible doesn’t say, “put up a Christmas tree every year.”

If it makes you feel any better, I still love Christmas and Christmas trees and we do have a nativity displayed. Our presents just might be sitting under an un-ornamented house plant.


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