Wheat Leftovers

Farm Education:
Let me tell you about a challenge you may face if you’re a farmer. You’re done harvesting your field and you have to decide if the grain you have left will all fit on your semi trailer or not. When you’re experiencing this challenge, your semi will look about this full. Then when you get it this full, you hope you don’t get stopped by the Nebraska Department of Roads. As we have recently learned, that can be a $,$$$ experience!truck load of wheat Some close up pictures of a stripper header for you:
stripper wheat header stripper header If you’re wondering about the difference between a stripper header and the other kind of header, the stripper header sucks off the wheat berries and leaves longer wheat stubble, which means you retain more moisture due to more shade and catching more snow. You also may have more hassle when it comes to corn planting, especially if you have a wet spring like this one; but I think the benefits outweigh the cost in that regard.

The farmer across the road from Brad’s wheat decided to spray his wheat to kill it instead of harvesting it. See the golden rows of wheat still standing? They must have been having technical difficulties with their sprayer.
sprayed wheat

Started Today…

and will be done tomorrow. Wheat harvest typically goes quickly, and especially quick when you only have 90 acres of wheat to harvest. Unlike a lot of the wheat around here, ours was actually worth harvesting. Hail and winter have made some farmers either swath their wheat or spray it to kill the little that was left. We’re thankful for what we have. 

The annual wheat harvest picture will be coming next week!

Hello July

July Corn in Different Stages Farming:
Some corn actually might be knee high this 4th of July because of the wet spring, but it is quickly growing. In the above picture you can see Brad’s pivot (the tallest corn in the back) and a corner of his dry land. Corn is actually growing in the middle of the dryland. It was just too wet to plant there when the rest was planted, so it got planted even later.

Pivots are running or will be once they’re fixed enough to work correctly. IMG_9226 Brad is still spraying like a crazy man. He came home one day this week in the middle of the week. Little Liza was SO EXCITED!IMG_9179She wakes up asking for “Da Da” and walks to the back door saying “Da Da?” anytime it opens. It was just a cruel tease. He found more to spray. I’m considering if I should try and sell that machine, but maybe that’s the headache from earlier in the week speaking.

Small Town Nebraska:
He did make it to all our T-ball games. Elliana got to have him as an assistant coach.

IMG_9229 The following tell you a lot about small town Nebraska
-All the girls on your T-Ball team go to your school.
-You’ll play with the same girls on your next ball team.
-You have your dad and aunt as coaches.
-You have a cousin on your team.
-You have 5 girls on your team who have younger brothers on your brother’s T-Ball team.

IMG_9249This one is the best: When you are out of milk for your one year old and the grocery store is closed, there is a kind person that will unlock it for you and let you buy your milk after the T-ball game!

House Update:

How many differences can you find?

IMG_9183I just love that picture!

The Day Is Waiting

In some places the corn and wheat are the same height. I doubt that happens often, and it won’t stay that way long. Heat makes corn grow like a weed, and the wheat’s days are numbered. It still has some green in it, but we’re getting to time of beautiful contrast between the bright green corn and bright gold wheat.

Small Town Nebraska:
The kids have all discovered mulberries and where the mulberry trees are located around town this week. If we could live off of mulberries, peas and lettuce, I wouldn’t have to grocery shop.

My mom directed me toward Kendra’s blog. Her post on what to say to someone going through a hard time is very good. The Day Is Waiting You know Corduroy, the little bear with the overall button that falls off? Well, they took some of the unpublished art work from his creator, Don Freeman, and put it in a book with a poem by Linda Zuckerman. Maybe you’ve seen this book before because it was actually originally published in 1980. The book is titled The Day Is Waiting, and is a cute, quick rhyming read for kids. The lines on each page are short enough that I could actually be ready to turn the page before my one year old. The poem starts by asking “What do you see when you look outside?” and then gives some realistic and silly ideas of things they might see. Other questions follow to get little brains creatively thinking. I’m not artist, but it looks to me like a variety of artistic mediums are included and a wide variety of objects, like penguins, police, and ponds. It could make a great board book, although it would be a rather thick one. Thank you to BookLook Bloggers for providing me with a free copy of this book to review.


Small Town Nebraska:
Liza gets very excited when we get to see cows when we’re out on a walk. Recently we saw one selfish cow taking a dip in the drinking water.

Cow in the Water tank

We went to a neighborhood (think 20 mile radius) BBQ in this barn last weekend.

Nebraska BarnI had heard before that this used to be Brad’s great grandpa’s place. It didn’t sink into my brain until I heard Brad’s dad tell me stories about the barn while I was standing in it and saw where Brad’s great grandpa had carved his initials in the barn.IMG_2240-0

The current owners have redone the barn, and it made for a fabulous “neighborhood” gathering.

IMG_2232-0 IMG_2234-0Check out what they did with the original trough.

The original trough were the horses used to eat before they went to work in the field

The original trough were the horses used to eat before they went to work in the field

I’ve decided Brad must really like spraying, since he can get up at 4 a.m. consecutive days to go do it. I might set my alarm for 6 and roll out of bed at 6:30. He says it helps that it’s just for a season. Maybe my rolling out of bed is because it seems like it’s a really long season at the moment… or maybe not (see below).

What I’ve Been Thinking:
Juliet ended up back in the hospital this week, and another friend will be sitting at a funeral for her husband next week. (Hence the short post last Saturday, no human words are needed on a day like that.) I trust that God is working in both of their situations, and that He is going to take care of them. Then it comes to my own world, and I struggle to trust Him with all the little daily things that go along with being a mom to three children. Maybe that’s why I just roll out of bed after hitting the snooze three times, or maybe if I just got up at 4 I’d have time to get something done and not feel stressed about it all day. I don’t see that happening, so I’m going to have to keep working on trusting and resting in Him.

If you’d like to pray for my friends, we’re praying that Juliet’s hospital stay would be 10 days or less instead of 100+ like her last one, and we’re praying for moments of real happiness each day for my friend whose husband is now singing and laughing in heaven. Thank you.

Juliet’s mom shared with song with me.