Help:IMG_2040Those bifold doors are going!!!! In their place will go a single normal size door and some drywall. We’re going to replace that window too, but I’d appreciate your thoughts. Leave the window where it is, move the window over, or put in a sliding door. The table has no other place to go and the window is centered on the outside wall. Spew thoughts now.

We’re back to begging God for rain. Instead of green wheat starting to grow, a lot of it just looks dead.

Quite a few farmers around here now have brighter shops thanks to Brad installing high bay T5’s. He’s rushing to get all his major electrical projects done so he can do what he moved here to do, farm. He got all of this conduit underground today .


Small Town Nebraska:
We escaped from the daily grind and went to the REALLY BIG city. It never fails that when you leave for the big city with an empty car, you come back with it packed with everything you found to buy and even then still feel like you need to shop more. That’s how I feel, and I’m not that big of a shopper!



-Nebraska made it into the Wall Street Journal, “Why Sandhill Cranes Are Worth A Trip To Nebraska.” Better hurry up and get here if you want to see them, their time in Nebraska is peaking right now according to the article. It compares their migration to the wildebeest migration in Kenya. I  need to be making plans to go observe them somewhere!

-Mom! How many times did we say, “Where is that county?” We needed this!  Nebrsaka Counties

-The daffodil and tulip petals are up and maybe even late enough that they won’t be frozen to death before they bloom. We can hope! It is the first day of spring!

70 Years Together

We had the honor and privilege of celebrating my grandparents’ 70th anniversary with them last week. They were married in the home where my grandpa was born. Their wedding was done all in German. They don’t remember what was said at the wedding or if there was music, but they do remember they had minced ham and jello to eat after it. It was negative 31 degrees so their Model A wouldn’t start after the wedding.

They are an example worth following. I am grateful for their wisdom and their faithful prayer for us.LoveI don’t have adequate words to tell you about them.

Still married

Still in love

holding hands

Still able to smile

IMG_2445Still able to laughIMG_2427Still have friends who call them their “best friends”

Still making a difference in the lives of others 

1 and 91

1 and 91

They didn’t get to where they are today by living life their own way. They sought to follow God’s plan and would be happy to tell you that His plan is always the best plan.

Ponder that today.


What I Am Thinking:
I was thankful for this reminder about the Incomprehensible Hugeness of God. I hope you take a moment to watch this.

Can you tell how big these tires are?

size of floater tire

3 hand widths wide and over 6 feet tall

Floater TiresThey are referred to as floater tires because they make it feel like you’re floating across the field in the sprayer. Brad will keep these wide tires on until he has to spray a field with corn growing in it. Then the skinnies will go back on for obvious reasons. Wide tires not only provide a smoother ride, but they are better for the field too because they cause less compaction. I think of them as the “addition” to the “house” that is the sprayer. $$$$$!

Small Town Nebraska:
A small town that Juliet lives near held a benefit for her and her family. Compared to our village this town of 600 seemed like a medium size town. They have a very nice community center and packed it for Juliet. It was overwhelming. You can give to them through her Go Fund Me site if your heart leads.

Now if my Husker men could figure out how to win. That would be BIG!

Ramblings on Little People

I’ll I’ve got for this week is kid stuff.

Family: The Bean Incident
We learned this week that Wyatt is very stubborn. It started when we had him try a bite of shrimp. He kept it in his mouth for over 2 1/2 hours without chewing or swallowing! He never gave in and ate it. Then we had chili a few days later. Before we even started eating, he said he wasn’t going to eat it. He has a thing against beans of all types. We told him he needed to try one bean and then he could have something else to eat. IMG_1947He never gave in. Neither did we.

At least Liza loved the chili.


This little kissable face may be the reason I only can ramble about children’s things this week. The only time I feel like I’m making progress on the perpetual mess of inhabited house when she’s awake is when she helps unload the silverware from the dishwasher.

IMG_8766It is one of her favorite things to do. She takes a piece and passes it to whoever is near and continues until she can’t reach anymore.

IMG_8764Her other favorite thing to do is unload cupboards. The olive oil spray from the lazy susan,

IMG_8772the drawer of lids,

IMG_8591and the cupboard with paper products are her favorites.

IMG_8761She’s now dealing with the frustration of not being able to open this door. We liked the location of our paper products too much to move them and were sick of picking them up, re-rolling the foil and always trying to redirect.

I learned about a new Nebraska author this week, Julia Cook. She writes children’s books about a variety of social skills, health, mental health, manners and those kinds of things. Maybe these titles will peak your interest: Cliques…Just Don’t Make Cents, Gas Happens, It’s Hard To Be A Verb, I’m a Booger…, My Mouth is a Volcano.Little Chicks Bible

BookLook Bloggers sent me this adorable Little Chicks Bible by PJ Lyons and Melanie Mitchell so I could review it for you. The cover is perfect for little fingers that like to feel softness. The beak and little wings are even movable. The inside is a sturdy board book. No worrying about ripping pages! Little Chicks Bible has eight Bible stories written with easy to read rhythm and rhyme (“…The soldiers all ran off afraid. Just the young boy David stayed….”), which is so great for little ears to hear. Each story is eight lines long with an appropriate illustration to go with it. This children’s Bible doesn’t even scratch the surface of Bible stories compared to children’s Bibles for older kids, but it could make a very fun and meaningful gift for a tiny person.

Small Town Blood Drive

Juliet is back in the ICU again! We’re praying she can stay off the ventilator. I haven’t seen a recent blog update, if you were thinking you might go check. She is getting her very own soup and pie benefit supper next weekend! I thought about tempting you to all go and support her, but what if you would end my auction streak and out bid me in the silent auction? If you’re interested, ask me for info; and I’ll see if I like you enough to let you come and bid against me.

Small Town Nebraska:
I had no idea living in our village would make me a frequent blood donor. They just make giving blood too easy and desirable. Who wouldn’t want to go somewhere for an assortment of free cookies, juice, breakfast and lunch?

IMG_1916Wyatt has this figured out too. He doesn’t stall one bit when I say we’re going to give blood because he gets his 100% orange juice in a can and offered cookies from the local volunteers, grandparents, and anyone sitting at the food table. Last week he told me he ate three and a half. It’s kind of hard to regulate when you have a needle in your arm.

I like the cookies too, but I really like the convenience. They’re scheduled just over eight weeks apart, so you can give every time. We’re in walking distance. I usually figure a relative will be there to keep an eye on my kids. One time I saw 5 of my in-laws there while I was donating. I’m not exaggerating. If they’re not there, we have a friendly neighbor girl who is happy to come keep an eye on them.


Where ever you live, the only thing that hurts is the initial poke. I’m experiencing no pain in this picture.
IMG_1913Filling the bag doesn’t take as long as convincing them your blood is healthy enough to share.

bag of donated blood

Notice the boots in the picture above? I have a picture of his plasma if you’re interested. He was donating double reds. Where we live, you can always find a cowboy and farmer giving blood and someone friendly to visit with while you’re eating your cookies. You basically know everyone who’s there or can figure out who they are and who they’re related to with a couple of questions.

If you’re not careful, you might start getting sentimental while you’re sitting there waiting to get your cookies. I think of giving blood as serving God and using my time for something worth while, but really shouldn’t everything I do be done in that way?

Little Lambs

Today = Gorgeous! I wore a t-shirt on a walk and pushed these two.


I know he’s a little big for the buggy; but I stop less this way, and he helps Liza eat her lunch.

Brad needed us to come pick him up close to the local “zoo,” so we went and took in the new babies, 23 little lambs.

This little has a broken leg because his mom accidentally stepped on him. He still runs around even with his cast, and his mom won’t make that same mistake again. As for the mommas in the picture, you wouldn’t believe how soft their wool feels and your fingers disappear into it if you go to give them a scratch.lambs

This little one is less than two days old. Did you know that when lambs are born their coat is like sandpaper? This little one felt like cardboard, but in a few days he’ll be as soft as the others. newborn lamb coat

If you have the impression that farmers are not smart, educated people, please get to know a few of them. The way they smell after a day of work and the cleanliness of their vehicles are not indicators of their intelligence. How well they manage their cash flow and what they know about their crop and equipment might be better indicators. Brad has been in education mode lately; planter clinic, sprayer clinic, safety training…. He might not be learning things you or I would want to learn, but he’s learning and excited about it. He was quite disappointed Friday when he realized he missed a chance to go to a class on weed resistance. What a bummer.

Small Town Nebraska:
In our village, you can take your outdoor plants not made to survive a Nebraska winter to the post office if you don’t have room for them in your house. It brightens up the post office, and if you go there almost everyday you won’t forget to water them. Can’t beat some of those small town perks!