Feeder House Floor

Farm Education:
You know you’re a farmer’s wife when you check the forecast when you’re planning your menu for the week. Is he going to be eating at home with us or not? Can I plan on grilled cheese for supper or do I need to think a little harder?

We had 2 inches of rain this week; and thankfully, my dad came last week and finished planting my garden and flowers for me. Always nice to have things planted in the ground instead of sitting on your porch when it’s raining. A few weeks ago I forgot to show you the interesting project my dad helped Brad finish. They changed the feeder house floor on the combine.

changing feeder house floorI’m so, so glad I didn’t have to be assistant on that one. The old feeder house floor had a hole in it.

old feeder house floorThe feeder house is where all the grain funnels through after it’s picked, so a hole in it is kind of a problem. Now the feeder house on this combine has a nice poly floor and shouldn’t need to be changed hopefully ever again. poly feeder house floor


In other Nebraska news, the first ever Nebraska summited Mount Everest last week. You’ll find fascinating reading material on his blog.

Recommendations: fireproof
I was thrilled to be contacted by FishFlix, which sells Christian movies to inspire and entertain. They sent me the movie Fireproof to review on this here blog. I had seen it before but enjoyed watching it again. It was produced in 2008 by the Kendrick brothers, who also produced War Room. I appreciate both movies because they encourage couples to fight for their marriage and give some good strategies for doing so. In Fireproof, the main actor, Kirk Cameron, does tangible acts suggested in the The Love Dare to win back his wife. (He also owns a flip phone, which made Brad wish he still used one too.) Fireproof contains some fun humor and clearly presents the good news of Jesus. I wouldn’t say it has the best acting, but that doesn’t take away from the overall message and doesn’t make you want to quit watching.

On FishFlix Fireproof is only $5, and you could get a $5 coupon to FishFlix.com if you join their email list by visiting www.fishflix.com/5gift or texting 5-GIFT to 44222.

Welcome to the first week of summer, where I can blog in the morning because my 2 year old is still sleeping at 9:20 because she’s so tired from a few days of a messed up schedule.

Psalm 16:11
You will make known to me the path of life;
In Your presence is fullness of joy;
In Your right hand there are pleasures forever.

Mother’s Day

My mother and father came to visit and help us out. Hallelujah! We need all the help we can get around here. My eight-year-old is into cooking, so I thought making the chocolate chip cookie sandwiches that Elliana wanted to make would be a good activity for them to do together.
IMG_0092When I help Elliana cook, I am often holding my tongue and sometimes my breath. I wonder if my mom had to do the same thing when she taught me to cook. I sure don’t remember her acting as tense as I feel when I’m in the kitchen with my kids. IMG_0095She’s an awesome mother and grandma.

Farm Education:
The text this time said, “We [Brad and Elliana] are stuck. You need to come out to the field. Bring chain off cherry picker”

I was picturing the tractor in the middle of the field, but it was just the pick-up stuck in the soft ditch. It’s kind of complicated how it got there, but Elliana said it was the most exciting day of her life. 
Stuck PickUp PickUp in a ditch
This was my first pull a pick up out of the mud experience, and it came right out on the first attempt.

FIVE YEARS after buying this house and saying we were going to change the countertops, we finally don’t have a grimy back splash that’s made of the same thing as the countertop.

kitchen before


kitchen after


The lovely green counter is also GONE!





I could’ve waited to take the ‘after’ picture until Brad got the black outlets installed; but considering the current season, I figured it would be better if I got the picture now – before the counters had the time to collect their usual collection of stuff. If these picture show nothing else, they should at least encourage us to get all that random stuff off the countertop. 

Psalm 139: 17
How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!
How vast is the sum of them!


Can you imagine kids riding these bikes all together around town? That’s community (even if it is almost all of the bikes in our town). Kids love it and need it!

bike brigadeI’ve been feeling so grateful for the communities God’s given me. I wish I had pictures of them all – work out group, Bible study, church, friends, family. Five years ago, I didn’t know that would be possible for me in my new location.
JulietFriday, this little jewel went to heaven where she is now playing and smiling in the presence of Glory. Thank you to the community of you who prayed for her and her family. Today I was blessed to be a part of a community of women who met together to support Juliet’s mom. I may not have a picture of all my communities for you; but I do have this one picture from today, and it speaks volumes in my mind to the power of true community.

“Jesus does not want us floating through space or sitting in front of our televisions. Jesus wants us interacting, eating together, laughing together, praying together.” -Donald Miller

Psalm 145:17-18
The Lord is righteous in all His ways
And kind in all His deeds.
The Lord is near to all who call upon Him,
To all who call upon Him in truth.

Road Work

Small Town Nebraska:
I don’t know about your Nebraska county; but in our county, the county road maintenance (or lack thereof) is a hot topic. They decided to rebuild one of the roads that is next to the pivot Brad farms by bringing dirt from the ditch onto the road. So this is basically what the ditch was before they did their work.
ditch before road work This is the ditch now.
ditchditch after road work They did at least leave him one driveway into the field (see the left side of the following picture), although he rather preferred having many options.
field driveway The ditches are an okay thing to have, but the condition of the road is another story. Four inches of rain on a new dirt road meant the county road equipment even got stuck trying to fix it, and our friends (the only people who live on the road) had to use a tractor to get anywhere and their vehicle windows were too dirty to get a picture.

Farm Education:
Today marks the first day of the 2016 planting season for Brad. He’s mainly just making sure that everything is working correctly and will probably not plant much until after the predicted coming cold snap is over.

1st day of corn planting 2016I learned a great conversation tip for when talking with farmers by listening in on some farmer talk at the local gas station/restaurant/tire shop/coffee and donut shop. In the spring, a meaningful question to ask a farmer about their operation is,

“Are you doing anything different this year?” 

Or in the fall, after you get done asking how their harvest is going and then don’t know what else to ask, you could say,

“Did you do anything different this year?”

They may answer with something that you don’t understand, but that will just give you more questions to ask them. I’ll keep my ear out for more good farmer conversation tips for you.

You’re welcome.

Jesus- experiencing His touch
I’ve enjoyed doing several Precept studies in the past, so when I saw that Blogging for Books had Jesus: Experiencing His Touch by Kay Arthur and David Arthur has a review options I was happy to request it. The difference between this study and the ones I have done before, is that this is a “no-homework Bible study” designed to take 40 minutes. It says it is a small group study “for people are interested in learning for themselves more about what the Bible says on various subjects, but who have limited time to meet together.”

Jesus: Experiencing His Touch takes you through Mark 1-6. You study approximately a chapter each week, and the book gives clear directions of how to study the passage together as a group. You observe what’s written in a few verses and then discuss and then repeat through the rest of the selection for the week. The Arthurs also provide some helpful insights along the way. I’m excited to try this with my Bible study during the busy months of summer. I can tell it’s not as in depth as a study with more homework, but it is still studying the Bible! If you try it and like it, they have 40 Minute Bible studies for the rest of the book of Mark too.

Lamentations 3:21-23
This I recall to my mind,

Therefore I have hope.
 The Lord’s lovingkindnesses indeed never cease,
For His compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness.


Loads of Information

To answer the title of my last post, we were enjoying the Burr Hall Bull Fry on UNL’s East Campus. East campus is where Brad and I met, and I think every college bound student should go to UNL and live there; but that’s kind of like saying I think my kids are the best.

If this celery doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will. Check out the progress from when I first showed it to you.
Celery GrowingWhat I’m Thinking and Learning:
I went to a conference for work last week. That means you’re going to get some education about kids.

Have you heard about the Marshmallow Test? It was originally a Stanford study done in 1970 that showed kids who could wait to do something they wanted because the reward was better than the immediate gratification scored better on the SAT by 210 points 14 years later and when they were 30 they had better jobs and health than those who couldn’t wait. This was a better predictor than their parent’s education level.

So if you would like a healthy laugh, watch these kids try not to eat the one marshmallow because if they wait, they will get two marshmallows. It’s way cute.

Since you now see I didn’t lie to you about how cute that was, maybe you’ll take a minute to browse this post about preventing screen addiction. It challenged me. This is the first line, “A recent article in The Telegraph describes a very scary trend: “Children as young as four are becoming so addicted to smartphones and iPads that they require psychological treatment.”” And I can’t argue with this line, “As SLPs, we see the effects on language and pragmatic skill development caused by overexposure to screens, be it smartphones, tablets, or video games — not to mention the effects on attention, executive functioning, fine and gross motors skills, imagination, and higher level thinking.”

Farm Education (Farmer DIY):
Inside an old semi
When your luxurious semi doesn’t have a center console, you have to get creative with your cup holder.
DIY cup holderDon’t worry. That’s my cup, not his.


BookLook Bloggers let me have an eBook of Love’s Complete, A Russian Adoption Journey by Teresa Travous Hull to review for you. I don’t see it stated directly, but I would guess the author wrote this based on personal experience. It’s written as a very simple poem that would be easy for little kids to understand. The pictures help tell the story since each page only has 14 to 28 syllables on it. I would see it as being helpful to read to young children in a family in the adoption process. I wouldn’t recommend it for any book awards, but it does tell the story it was intended to tell and provides additional information about Eastern European adoption.

Loves Complete