Corn Price

Farm Education:
At the annual local farm cooperative business meeting (meal I didn’t have to cook!), the speaker was talking about the tightening of the farm economy. I quickly jotted down the average price of a bushel of corn just so I could share it with you.

2010: $3.55
2011: $5:18
2012: $6.22
2013: $6.89
2014: $4.46
2015: $3.40

What I’ve Been Thinking:
I did some Christmas shopping at Seeds Family Worship today. That’s about the extent of my shopping this weekend.

That is all I have for you today.


Let me be very unoriginal this week of Thanksgiving and state everything through the lens of how I’m thankful for it. I’m thankful that it will save me from having to think of how to start each thought.

I’m thankful for people who are willing to take giant steps of faith so we can all see God work in big ways. What this Nebraska family is undertaking is only something that God can empower.
I’m thankful we had a snow day last week, although I felt stressed about not going to work. Below you see the most pathetic reason for a snow day ever. How can you go from a possible 12+ inches of snow to basically nothing?


What I’ve Been Thinking:
I’m thankful that “Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.” (1 John 4:4)

Books:M is for MangerI’m thankful that Tyndale Publishers provided me with a copy of M is for Manger by Crystal Bowman and Teri McKinley to review for you. I like a lot about this children’s book! It takes each letter of the alphabet and chronologically tells the story of Jesus’ birth. With each letter is a picture and a verse that goes along with a four line rhyming poem. inside m is for mangerI thought the true test of M is for Manger would be if they came up with something other than “Zzzzz” for something sleeping with the letter Z, and they did! Z is for the zillions of stars that shone in the sky. I also was really happy they included why Jesus came.

“Jesus came for all of US –
his glory filled the earth.
He came to be our Savior
from the moment of his birth.”

If you’re looking for a little Christmas gift for a toddler in your life, I recommend this book. It can help them learn about the alphabet, rhyming and Jesus all at once!

the one

Finally, I’m thankful to Blogging for Books for sending me The One by Ryan and Amanda Leak to review. The authors of this book got engaged and married on the same day, and Ryan planned it all! They talk about how that all happened some in the book, but the focus is mostly on how to set yourself up for a successful marriage before you get married. I requested the book to review because I thought I should probably read something about how to make my marriage better; and although some things they say can apply if you’re already married, their story and advice are from their dating relationship. Ryan and Amanda take turns writing their perspective, so you get a male and female view on things. They do a nice job of combining telling you about the events in their life with the wisdom they learned from it and give scripture to back up what they’re saying. After each chapter they summarize by giving a question to ask yourself, one thing to remember, and one thing to work on. I wouldn’t say it’s a must read if you’re in a spot in life where you’re wishing you were married, but you may want to check it out.

More On Harvest 

Small Town Nebraska/Farm Education:
A friend directed me to this incredible video of a Nebraska farming community harvesting for a fellow farmer who was seriously injured in a car accident late this summer. If you aren’t going to get in on any corn harvest this year, this will help meet that void in your life. It will warm your heart too.

Farm Education:
Brad finished picking the pivot Tuesday morning! When I started Monday morning the monitor said 65.170 acres done. combine monitorWhen I left 11 hours later, it said 117.706. Ag Leader MonitorHow many people just started to do math in their head? My sidekick for the day and I had a lot of good numbers to use for practicing subtraction throughout the day.

[God made me to have cheeks that run into my neck with no thought of a jaw line. I struggle with seeing the good in this.]

[God made me to have cheeks that run into my neck with no thought of a jaw line. I struggle with seeing the good in this. Thank you to all my friends that love me still.]

We had one time in the day where the lines were long enough at the elevator that while Brad was waiting there, we had time to fill the other truck, the grain cart and the combine. While we waited for him, we went through the field to see how many ears we could gather that the combine had missed. We should’ve taken a bucket and shovel with us. We found a pile from when the grain cart had gone faster than the combine before we realized it! Oops!

spilled field cornIt made for a comfortable place to rest.

spilled cornMuch more comfortable than this.harvested corn stalksIf you look at that picture again, you’ll see the stalks from what we just harvested on the left and a stalk from last year on the right. Tough plants!

I thought often during the day about a great venn diagram I would create for you comparing vacuuming to combining. Now I think that would take more time than I have to offer. I think the main differences are that you only have to combine once or twice in a year and my husband actually appreciates when I do it. Please share if you come up with some other similarities or differences!

Our church had a penny scramble in pinto beans at their harvest carnival. Liza barely left it and her hands turned a lovely shade of brownish gray from all her bean sifting. She now clearly says, “Money!” and knows that a penny is money. They were going to throw the beans away, but I rescued them in order to rescue my sanity at some point. IMG_0082 IMG_0081The hour of work I got done while she scooped and dumped beans was well worth having to sweep up some beans off the floor. Thank you harvest carnival!

Thanks for reading!


Lovely October Evenings

Small Town Nebraska/My Family:
The trunks (country dwellers) really showed up at the trunk or treat tonight. We might have trunk or treated more than we trick or treated. It was a great time!

Farm Education:cornEverywhere I looked I saw people harvesting. I actually saw one combine so full that corn was spilling out of the side of it! Hello?! Maybe it was a first time driver. I kept thinking that I wanted to pick corn and was afraid I might not get my time in the combine. Amazing what three years will do to a person. You must not think I’m strange until you experience how satisfying picking corn is.

Finally, the pivot is ready to be picked. I went there as soon as was done with work on Thursday. Brad only gave me a 30 second reminder and left me alone. He didn’t even ride along with me to make sure I knew what I was doing this year. My only caution was to not back into a pole. (Go ahead and pray right now that I never do that.)

I only had to call Brad one time to figure out why things were beeping. It took me less than a minute to line up the header with the rows, and I only had to back up to get it right one time! I promise I’m still not an expert, but I didn’t hold my breath half the time I was driving. Just a few times, like maybe when I first had to unload into the grain cart and pick at the same time. See this grain cart? I filled it as full as I could. Brad was pleased.
full graincart

Brad saved me from having to pick the messy end rows, but I rode along and got pictures of our friends’ combine from the window of our combine.   October Sunset

I had time to get more pictures later because I was picked full, the grain cart was full, and we were waiting for the truck to come back from the elevator. I wish I would’ve had my good camera! harvested cornfieldThis would be a lovely picture without the auger in it, but then you wouldn’t know it was taken from a combine.
combine auger sunset harvest sunsetIt was a gorgeous evening. I know I’m not supposed to wish my little kids away, but I do look forward to when I can get my combine time without having to have other people take care of my kids. Liza confined to a cab for any length of time is a terrible idea. corn harvest at duskRain is keeping us out of the field this weekend, which is a good thing; but we’ll be back on Monday!

Small School

Small Town Nebraska:
I won’t go into the positives and negatives of small schools, but I will show you our entire student population in two pictures.




7-12 – We do have some cowboys, but they don’t typically dress this way at school. It was cowboy day for homecoming.

I know smaller schools than this are out there, but I also know a lot of people who would never consider that you could go to the same school building from Kindergarten to 12th grade. I even know people who have as many or more kids in one grade as we have in seven grades combined. It’s why we get really excited in rural Nebraska when someone has a baby. That means there is hope in five to six years for a kindergarten class of at least one.

For those who needs some encouragement about the Nebraska football team, Wyatt found a way to give us some hope. He quit watching the game today with two minutes left and went and played his own game. When I told him good night, I thanked him for watching the football game with me even though we lost. He told me that in the game he played, Nebraska won. Seems like a positive coping strategy for dealing with losing to me.

Tomorrow will be a new day, a Sunday. Sundays are hard when you’re one. IMG_0060


October Love

Small Town Nebraska:
I try not to post things that will waste your time. I mean it when I say you should watch this video. Way to go southwestern Nebraska and the body of Christ!

It’s been a beautiful October, an October Anne of Green Gables would truly appreciate. It was perfect for a walk at twilight Sunday night, shorts and t-shirt perfect. The sky was remarkable, and the cow statues were an added bonus!

gorgeous sunset cows at duskFarming:
Brad harvested his dry land corn this week. Since we’re a small operation, he finished it in three days and didn’t want to haul a grain cart to the field, which means he didn’t really want my help. It worked well for me! Elliana rode along with Brad after school one day, and I put her on the task of getting pictures. dryland harvest 2015 Harvest
What I’ve Been Thinking & Learning:

I loved this thought that Juliet’s mom told me this week: Exhaustion is a big player on the lie court. Isn’t that so incredibly true? I thought she meant the life court, which would be true too; but really it’s a player on the life court because of all the lies you believe when your brain is too tired to combat them!

I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken. Psalm 16:8